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    <Resonate> 12/16H 10 man 3 nights LF Warlock


    <Resonate> of Bleeding Hollow Horde is looking for one warlock comfortable in multiple specs who can fill our last dps spot. This is not a bench position, if you are accepted to trial here you will be in on fights just as much as everyone else.

    The ideal applicant should have significant past raiding experience as well as a minimum of a 490 ilvl. The ideal applicant should also be able to handle criticism. We do not yell, we do not have drama but we do expect results. Consistent wipes to the same mechanic will be noted and if you can't solve the problem then expect to be sat. That said, for those who can cut it, this is a fun place to raid. There are no cliques, everyone is treated equally and we play this game to have a good time.

    <Resonate> have a history of successfully completing current content at a hard-core pace while raiding a casual schedule. Our efforts in Cataclysm culminated in a US 26th Heroic Madness kill.

    Unlike most guilds that make this claim, we really do only raid three nights a week with a fourth night used no more than once per month if we are close to a boss kill. This is our progression schedule, during farm expect one or two night clears. More often than not we don't use our option day. Our raid times are Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday from 8:00 - 12:00 EST.

    Because of our short schedule, we expect all raiders to have knowledge of the fights before we pull. No one wants to be that person who holds the raid back because they didn't do their due diligence. We pride ourselves in doing what other guilds do, in less time.

    For more information you can find us at:


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    Bamp bamp babamp

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    Still need a warlock for heroic shekzeer this week!

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