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    Looking forward to GW 2. Just waiting patiently on a release date...

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    Pico gets uglier by the week.

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    The leather set? What is up with that?

    And this whole Druid and Rogue share armor shit, from a looks PoV nothing good comes out of it. I wish the pieces was essentially still the same items, but when a Rogue used it, it would look Rogue'ish and druids would look like.... Druids. This could go for alot of classes that share items, where the "theme" for the classes is this far from each other.

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    Leather looks kinda junky but the black set of it looks ok. Plated looks pretty cool makes me think of a ninja/shredder. Like the cloth set aswell.

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    I like the gallery but whenever you close the picture it takes you to the top of the page, kind of annoying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToxTheWrecker View Post
    How sad is it that the Blue quality Plate dungeon sets look MUCH better than the Challenge mod set for warrior?
    /shrug I LIKE'EM.
    what's really sad is that the Dungeon set AND the challenge mode set for warriors look better than the warrior T14

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    please, could you guys (yes, I suppose you are guys) stop commenting about her looks... she's not there to look pretty or sexy or whatever. She's delivering news, that's it...

    on topic: cloth and plate tiers looks amazing according to me but the leather looks kind of boring, glad we got transmogrification .

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    The plate set is fine by me, though I don't like it in orange

    The leather set is awful except in the brown/grey/green ish color scheme

    The cloth set is mostly fine by me, but I don't like that its helmet is basically a turban, yay hide helmet

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    Quote Originally Posted by gestapoid View Post
    Pico gets uglier by the week.
    Really? This is the first time I've actually found her attractive. Finally looked somewhat natural. I can't stand the "no actual skin visible; all make-up" style which is nearly universal in media nowadays.

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    Here I go, middle-clicking all the picks and opening em' in new tabs.

    Also, these sets, they're awesome!

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    Not sure about the plate and leather, but I love love love the cloth. Only way they could improve em is to make an alternate version where the chestpiece is a tunic-style so you can see the baggy pants and get an arab-esque look.

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    Sweet!!! New Beta Build, yet I still crash when I log in.... :/

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    Shado-pan Monastery looks gorgeous.

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    The plate looks good a combination of samurai armor and "what we got used to" plate armor.
    The leather is okay apart from the strange blades on the front and back of the shoulders.
    The cloth is a fancy mummy costume with a turban.. oh and the robe base model still sucks.

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