As the title says, I'm looking to get into raiding seriously in Mists. While i realize due to my limited raiding experience I am not considered by most heroic mode guilds, I would really like to move from playing casually with a loose nebulous band of friends into a more structured, challenging environment. I am currently working full time, but able to change my schedule with as little as a 2 weeks notice to accommodate raid scheduling. I would prefer a raid time that is late night (12pm eastern, that would be 9pm pacific) or one that is early day (10a eastern, thats 7a pacific) to avoid as much loss of income as possible :P.

While my time input into the game is currently casual, I have always strove to be the very best I can be in whatever role i play. For example, Stance dancing as an arms warrior, while it only provides a small boost to damage, any boost is a boost, right? I learned how to do it properly, as not to waste rage income, and maximize damage potential. I use my cooldowns properly, including using a mastery set for a pre-pull Deathwish, swapping to the normal dps set before i get in combat.

I have, and I hope this doesn't come off as too overtly arrogant, what I like to call a Saiyan Mindset when it comes to WoW and Gaming in general. I always strive to be the best, and when I'm NOT the best, rather than blaming class balance, or just accepting that someone beat me, I find out WHY, further my research on the mechanics of my given class and any nuances that i could exploit to further increase my capabilities.

All in all, I think I would be an excellent addition to any raid team looking to add a melee dps/off role tank (To be clear, dps is my intended main spec) to their Mists of Pandaria line-up. What I might lack in experience in heroic raids, I believe I make up for in a fresh patience and drive to be the most I can be.

I ask that guilds be at least heroic experienced, especially with the 20 percent nerf coming this week. Im usually in PvP gear, tho.