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    I like the idea about getting an orb per Dot dispelled but I LOL'd so hard at pain getting dispelled grants you 3x its normal damage AND applying VT. Sounds a little OP no?
    Oh, maybe it wasn't clear that I only meant to increase the initial up-front direct damage of Shadow Word: Pain. Tripling that damage might very well still be too much - I don't know what the numbers are like really. The important part would be to have it reapply Vampiric Touch though so that a single button-press from a healer can't undo a lot of work on my part. When the dispeller can press that button again 8 seconds later it's critical that I don't spend most of that time reapplying dots that will only get wiped again.

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    You can have up to 15 Shadowy Apparitions active at a time. woop woop march of shadows There will be queuing to do damage
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    It was insane at the target dummies. Think I saw at least 9 Shadow Priests laying into the dummies. I may have to find a new city to practice. My FPS was dropping into single digits when it is normally 60+ in town. I know a lot was just the volume of people logged in but it reminded me of Old Dalaran lag.

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    So the big question. Will waiting for 3 orbs prove to be a DPS gain or loss.

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    It looks like Blizzard is actually making me want to level a Priest. I never thought I'd see the day.

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    Aw yeah, appiriton mob is back!?

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