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    Just saying, but you can fake cast and use instants...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niberion View Post
    Just saying, but you can fake cast and use instants...
    Yeah, I think I calmed down. Fake casting just kills me by the way. By the time I got one mind blast on a melee (or better into his next magic immunity) I'm dead.

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    Guessing this topic was about Spriest vs Melee?

    I'm also guessing you're mostly having trouble with DK and Warrior?

    Both of these classes counter Spriest pretty hard. Void Tendrils is a good choice to allow you to get a couple of casts off (Get your DoTs ticking and what not, which allows the use of more instants). Also make use of Phantasm. It's great for making distance when they're on you or getting a cast off from range before you get gripped/charged. You won't 1v1 them, anyway. I doubt you'd even 2v2 if both classes had a pocket healer. In 3v3 you stand more of a chance with someone helping you on damage and someone healing you through them training you. A healer gives you more time to fake / set up damage, I never get mad about 1v1 or even 2v2 situations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zelos
    I'm sorry but what? Why? Oh, I think I see. The poor melee classes can't do anything while they're disarmed once a minute for 8 seconds, right?
    Just for the record.

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    This hardly seems like it's doing anyone much good being open.

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