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    That Dark Legacy comic doesn't really hold true anymore. These days general chat in questing zones is more like: '....'

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    Ooo Mount from CE, this is different.

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    Barrens Chat? Thats soo... ehm 2006. But thanks for the DLC comics again. Like noone has bookmarked them by now.

    Should do a Trade DLC..

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    [PH] MoP CE Mount
    Wait... What? A Mount for the CE? *drool*

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    The vermin in The Valley of Four Winds says we aren't going to do to his land what we did to ours and to go away and the monk in the instance is saying if we truly wish to undo what we have wrought in their land, etc. which makes me wonder why such dialogue was put in the game. We (the people of Azeroth) have just discovered Pandaria and much dialogue is in Pandaria about us introducing ourselves and proving ourselves to the inhabitants so how have we done anything to the place up to this point? We have been told that the Alliance and Horde will be battling on the continent at endgame but we are not at endgame point now so allusions to what we have done to Pandaria make no sense.

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    That music is definitely the login screen music, kinda reminds me of the classic WoW login screen music, brings back both good & bad memories

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    Wow, I must say I'm impressed by these dungeons.
    So much atmosphere and details, I like it. Getting a Wotlk quality feeling

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