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    Healing tips for Spine (HC)

    I don't know if there are any posts already made answering these questions, but figured I'd make a new one anyway. My guild finally downed Warmaster Blackhorn (HC) and are preparing for Spine. We are currently using 2 Holy Pallys and one Disc priest- myself. (we are considering making one of the paladins sit out and have a shaman instead, for the Spirit Link Totem. Thoughts?). Since our Paladins are pretty skilled we have not used 3 healers on this fight since the 'Power of the Aspects'-buff (I have been dpsing). However I do remember having problems with my mana on that fight, although my gear have been upgraded I'm still a little worried.

    This is my first time posting here so I can't post a link to my armory. I'll try to put it in comments later.

    I reforge most of my spirit to other useful stats, because I use aa/a a lot, and rapture on cd. I also have the Heart of Unliving trinket, which helps a lot. However I am considering removing the AA/A from my spec for this fight, since it don't seems really useful. But if I'm removing this talents I might need to forge my spirit back.

    Anywho, what I'm really asking if anyone might have some tips or tricks for this fight, or if there is any stats or talents who are particularly good.
    Thanks in advance

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    Armory link : http: //eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Adelee/advanced
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    I would def take out 1 of the paladins and get in a shaman instead. Dunno how har dit is now, since i started my break at the 5% buff but spirit link is awesome from removing stacks aswell. When we did this i was disc and AA was needed to kill the tendons but its not that critical anymore. high spirit is good for this fight and the AA spec is good for boosting your healing for those times when you know there will be a lot of damage.

    Make sure that ppl with the debuff r down in HP before you use spirit link to get themost out of it.

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    This may be seen as a little off topic from OP's main questions. But I think it is worth noting that in your current armory link provided your helm meta socket is 54int-2% reduced threat. Not sure if intentional, but I believe the 2%mana meta would be of better use.

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    Resto shamans are so OP - i am one, and we decided to use 2 shamans for this fight and downed it with 5% buff. You do not need extra dps therefore go with 3 healers - since even now - 20% buff - i am running low on mana ( we have 6 mana tides ) at the end, PLUS your atonement can help heal on burn phase Go for spirit ( first time i did this fight i had almost 3k spirit before buffs.

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    Thanks for all the replies! It really is helpful, especially the link Halaberiel posted! Also, Gizmo, the meta socket was not intentional, but i was aware it was there. Thanks for reminding me once again, would be a dumb thing to forget! I think we will give it a few shots with our current healing setup and then ask one of our pallys to sit out if it's not working out.
    Thanks again for all the replies! I'll post again after we have done a few tries !

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