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    If you dont like DS anymore join OpenRaid and make some fun raids

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    Been declining and stayng under the radar for the past week for our progresion.
    Feel sorry for the guild couse were low on healers and im a healer but i just cant do DS anymore.

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    I was bored of it after 2 weeks of being out....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfshark View Post
    well what i am trying to say is that, they need to make trash intuitive and fun, more like flame leviathan trash. instead of making it kill the group of 5 monsters before you get to the boss just to slow you down.
    Raided Ulduar when it was current content, and you may be the first person I have heard proclaim he/she enjoys Flame Leviathan trash. This is Blizz's dilemma; they can't cater to everyone's tastes. Something tells me that the majority of players doing DS on Normal/Heroic want trash to be short and sweet. Sure they could mix trash mechanics up a little bit, but I sure hope we never see anything like Flame Leviathan, TBC raid trash, or especially MC ever again.
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    Eh, I'm still enjoying it (I've cleared 8/8 heroic).

    There are a few fights in there I love doing each week. Spine, Warmaster, Madness and oddly enough Morchok (the tiny Morchoks at the end of the fight are just so adorable :3)

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    Ive found it boring since January. Havent logged on in months...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drudatz View Post
    If you dont like DS anymore join OpenRaid and make some fun raids
    Am also enjoying OpenRaid and highly recommend it.

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    It was fun the first few times but then it was purely boring for me. I have several toons that need gear still yet i cant find myself to even hop in LFR even when i have nothing else to do during the day. Just waiting for D3 and a MoP release date until then just gonna play CSS =D.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malgarroth View Post
    Dude, I came back to WoW about a month ago, I already think it's a load of crap.

    Went back and did FL though, that was a damn fine raid.

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