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    Girl thinks I'm gay...

    I met this girl last Wednesday and we've been chatting and txting since. I like her so I flirt with her etc. an hour ago, she asked me if I was gay. I flipped. I was like " wtf are u serious or u just mocking...?" she said "no? Why would I? Anyway I don't like your replies.bye."
    So I went to play some sc2 to cool down . Later I txtd her that I wasn't and I was just shocked that she asked. Ummm any idea why she asked ....? She's the first one to ever suspect / ask like wtf =.= always liked girls and I always will . She may have a bf I think. Is that why.?

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    Maybe your sending mixed messages? Either way it sounds like you blew it by reacting the way you did. You handled it pretty badly quite honestly going by her responses to your texts. If a girl says "Anyway I don't like your replies. bye." seems quite terminal to me. If a girl asked me if I was gay I'd just laugh and explain the situation. Not flip out.

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    She may have been testing your maturity and tolerance, you blew it with your reply.

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    Question is - Why is the question so upsetting in itself?
    You sure handled that poorly.

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    Why did you flip your shit about a question? If you're not gay, then why would it bother you so much?

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    Closing this thread. The General Off-Topic rules sticky states that threads about sexuality are not allowed in this forum.

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