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    Coming back to Priest Disc/Shadow

    I haven't played for about 10 months, and had really slowed down for a few months before that, so essentially been gone for a year, after playing since beta. I have every class in the 80 - 85 range but main on my priest as either disc or shadow.

    I've decided to come back and I have absolutely no idea what is going on. I read the forums and the front page of MMO-Champion and it's like a foreign language. I've been playing SC2 for a year.

    Does anyone know of any one stop shops that can get me up to speed on where priests are atm and what I need to know about the game that has happened in the last year. And what the hell is a transmorgrification...



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    Start with reading the guides on in this forum, then you can go do LFR or a dungeon and try stuff out and if you need more personal help, re-read the guide and see if it answers your question, if it don't then just ask on this forum.

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    You will find that priests are still quite fun, I don't know much about raiding but in PvP disc feels pretty good and shadow can still hit like a train. Yes, read through the various guides and be sure to get on top of the MoP changes via Wowhead/Youtube/Here/etc. (Quite a few of the changes are very interesting)

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