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    1. The Dark Knight Rises
    2. The Cabin In The Woods
    3. Prometheus
    4. Dredd
    5. The Avengers
    6. Looper
    7. Sinister

    I've seen more, but not worthy of the list. Gotta save room for Django, Skyfall, The Hobbit, and Jack Reacher. (I'm a sucker for typical Tom Cruise movies.)

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    1) Wreck It Ralph
    2) Dark Knight Rises
    3) The Avengers
    4) Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
    5) Brave
    6) The Cloud Atlas
    7) Rock of the Ages

    Waiting to watch when it comes out on DVD: Argo, Looper, The Raid: Redemption, Moonrise Kingdom
    Looking forward to watching: Skyfall, Django, The Great Gatsby, Les Misérables, The Life of Pi

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    All though it disappointed me it still gets a spot on the list.

    Adding Skyfall.

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    1. Spider-Man
    2. The Avengers
    3. Batman
    4. Tinker Tailor
    5. Skyfall

    Nothing else to puton here yet until I've seen Bourne, and judging on what I think of lord of the rings then the hobbit will not even come close to the top 10 (personally).

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    Adding Lincoln to my list.

    Anticipating on seeing Life of Pi, Silver Lining Playbook, Killing them Softly, The Hobbit, Zero Dark Thirty, Django Unchained, and Les Miserables, all of which will probably get added to the list if they live up to my expectations for them.
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    Putting life of pi at the top of my list.

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    Adding the Hobbit to my list, and doing slight re-arranging.

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    I’m only making my list next year, when I have seen all the movies I wanted to see. And there are around 30 to go. So April might be when my final list is complete.

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    Redoing my list at the end of the year, sadly their are some films I didn't see which possibly would have made my list.

    1 The Hobbit 10/10
    2 The Hunger Games 9/10
    3 Avengers 9/10
    4 Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos 9/10
    5 Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer 8.5/10
    6 Prometheus 8/10
    7 John Carter 7/10
    8 Men in Black 3 5/10
    9 Underworld: Awakening 5/10
    10 Iron Sky 5/10

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    1. The Dark Knight Rises
    2. The Cabin In The Woods
    3. The Hobbit
    4. Prometheus
    5. Dredd
    6. Skyfall
    7. Looper
    8. Sinister
    9.The Avengers
    10. Silver Linings Playbook

    I will need to make room for Django. :/

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    This thread just made me realize I haven't watched 10 movies this year..

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    I haven't seen much movies this year, but so far all I can think of is;

    1. Hobbit
    2. Hunger Games
    3. Brave
    4. Dark Knight Rises

    Avengers ends up as 5th, but I really didn't enjoy that movie at all.

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