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    My 70 mage @ Frostwhisper back in iddqd

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    Done around 16 million on my hunter, while everyone was doing the achivement for childrens week in EOTS - Was survival in my PvE gear, spamming multishot in the middle.

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    Anyone got screencaps of ret pala damage during the seal bug? yes I know it's illegit but 200 million damage and 600 kbs in AV is always cool to see =)

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    I done almost 7 million damage in an eye of the storm in wrath... Alliance had 5 healers and I had my own disco mate and rogue with me longest EotS EVER!
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    Having high dmg in a bg is usually due to a lot of fail.

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    I can do more damage than you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrianV View Post
    I can do more damage than you!
    You most likely can

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    Think the highest I've done is about 16 mill on my boomkin in AV. Was a frost DK in the same BG who did 22 million though which is the highest i have seen so far

    my attempt at killing blows in random bg:

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    I don't always look I'm afraid and I'm not much of a ganker. Remember having almost 6 million in a WSG while the second horde had 1 million. Though 1 left before I could SS.

    Edit: I also think you need to compare Damage done with Honorable Kills. 25 million with 600 kills isn't really impressive compared to mine :s
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    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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    Nearly 18 million damage in a BG and only 6 killing blows?

    That must mean people have 3,000,000 health!

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    Quote Originally Posted by iWolfBanei View Post
    Nearly 18 million damage in a BG and only 6 killing blows?

    That must mean people have 3,000,000 health!
    I focused on spreading dots and flamestrike spam :P The DKs/Shadow Priests/Shamans got most of the killing blows

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    First one was only killing blows second was only damage

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    23.6m in AV

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    10 months ago a (old monitor ;p) a WARRIOR DID THIS MUCH HEALING

    Level 75-79

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    8m on my lock once in an AV. you did way better than me lol
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    3m(not much, I know) as a boomkin in WSG at 85, something like... 15m damage in a level 80-84 AV(spamming CL at the chokepoint before the bridge ftw)

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    I've never really looked tbh. I know last night I went 38/0 in an AV premade, did around 6.8m as frost.

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    63-0 , just shy of 15mil damage on my balance Druid in premade AV today, I'll find the SS somewhere.

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