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    10 million RBG WSG. BOOMKIN!!

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    AV, cunning and combustion spreading

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    did 50mil in av, was 4 of us vs a 25+ man premade
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    Only 9M in Twin Peaks.

    I bet I can significantly top that, if the I get the right BG. Howling Blast is probably one of the best spells to do this, maybe THE best.

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    frost dk 24mil damage in AV
    the healer i had que'd with dc'd & was booted within the first 5 minutes of this bg. so 24 mil damage was a surprise to me going solo
    it wont let me post the actual link =/ (cut off the http)

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    I have a screenshot of pulling 91 mill. can't attach a pic tho >.> AV 8/11/14

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    The highest damage Ive done was in an RBG as an arcane mage. I did 40million damage in a WSG match at 1800 mmr or so.
    The highest damage Ive ever heard done in a BG was a friend of mine who played a hunter last season in an AV match that was a turtle match, and aoed constantly on the enemy team. He got to nearly 100 million.

    I have done over 70million as a gimicky thing in AV on my ret as well by simply just killing all the NPCs I could find, mainly in the enemy base, since they do not have resilience on them, so its just like a PVE situation, but I wouldnt count that personally.

    The most healing Ive ever done was 63 million this season as an Hpal in a 2100 mmr/cr twin peaks RBG. I also did 160 dispels. Its my best game on record.

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    Roll tonk, go alliance/horde cave in AV and slay guards until game ends.

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    I once dominated an arathi basin on a twinked out hunter, having well over 250 kills and roughly 95% of all damage done.

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    7 millions .. warrior enrage!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deathworks View Post
    I have a screenshot of pulling 91 mill. can't attach a pic tho >.> AV 8/11/14
    Nice. Necro thread with a false statement.

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    Average bg is around 20m damage and cleave spam in bg's usually around 40-50m. No idea if I did more damage in a bg because I don't screen them that often.

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    Did 10 million in AV back in TBC once. Seed of Corruption in chokepoints OP
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    Derpkitteh (I typed this with a straight face!), you're being wholly unreasonable here.
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    You are full of shit.

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    ive done over 60m in AV RBG as affliction. My job was to camp blacksmith and dot cleave with full mastery gems.

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    Going to lock this (it's 2 years old so numbers change).

    Feel free to create a new thread on damage in BGs.

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