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    Macro Question

    Is it possible to make a Macro that will Backstab when I'm on the back of a target then use Mut if Backstab is unable to be used? By pressing the same button.

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    No, it isn´t possible.
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    You wouldn't want one of those to begin with, Backstab is only a replacement for Mutilate when the boss hits 35%.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carp The Fish View Post
    You wouldn't want one of those to begin with, Backstab is only a replacement for Mutilate when the boss hits 35%.
    Well, he could still have a non-macroed Mutilate in his bars and only use the macro in the execute phases.

    I understand why you want that kind of macro, I'm sometimes very annoyed by trying to stay on the targets back and decide between BS and Hemo. But sadly, macros are unable for those kind of things. They can't "think" and can't check you positions to the target, you have to use the right button manually.

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    Even if macros could make decisions based on health, a macro like that would still be a terrible idea. Backstab is only better DPE than mutilate, not better DPET. If you're gaining more energy than you can spend, you should be bleeding off excess with mutilates.

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    Unfortunately it isn't.

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    Macros are not code language, they cannot have any "if" -rules. They just execute basic "Do this now", not "When X is Y"

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    You can do this with a Nostromo N52, a Logitech G series keyboard, or many other external macro devices. Know that it is likely against the TOS to do so- anything that automates game play (which this technically is) can get you in trouble, even though these devices are perfectly legal when used for non-illicit purposes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tehterokkar View Post
    not "When X is Y"
    /cast [nocombat] stealth
    /cast [combat] kick

    Very simple macro, and does just that.

    But to the OP, no that doesn't work. Simply because there is no syntax tied to that condition. And there shouldn't be.
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