View Poll Results: What is your favourite thing about being a Warlock?

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  • Lore

    37 37.00%
  • Pets

    30 30.00%
  • Rotational Complexity

    47 47.00%
  • Lots of abilities

    36 36.00%
  • Multi-dotting

    35 35.00%
  • Demonic Teleport

    18 18.00%
  • Healthstone Whore

    9 9.00%
  • Big-ass Demon Form (Demo)

    35 35.00%
  • Big Burst (Demo)

    23 23.00%
  • Huge Execute (Affy)

    15 15.00%
  • Backdraft / Fast Casts (Destro)

    15 15.00%
  • Dark Intent

    12 12.00%
  • Crying about not having CotC

    8 8.00%
  • PvP

    16 16.00%
  • Other (state and discuss! )

    16 16.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I fell in love with my lock from day one. It was the 1st class I tried when wow started and I knew it was for me instantly. I've played every class to at least lvl 70, had 5 80's before I quit... most were fun, never liked warrior much.... I loved playing druid and rogue too, dk was fun, pally was more fun than I expected.... but my lock has, and always will be, my main. I didn't re-roll every time a class moved to the OP spot... remember 5 months into wow shammys were the OP class, then it was pallys, locks had their turn..

    I liked soloing the infernal quest line, taking down the infernal by myself was such a rewarding feeling, the doomguard quest line was awesome. MOST locks didn't have a doom guard the 1st 6 months of the game.. the quest line for the lock mount was cool too. Riding around on the lock mount you worked to get felt so awesome!... So much has changed... remember all your soul shards dissappering every time you logged out for 10 min and having to farm shards before raids.. that I don't miss lol.

    oh and when I saved my points up in arena season 2 and bought all the season 3 set (cept the shoulders) as soon as season 3 started and everywhere I went people were like DUDE WTF, HOW YOU GET THOSE DEMON WINGS? ahh the good ol days.

    locks feel evil. mages seem kinda like clean cut pussies, but they're fun too lol.

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    I love my lock, I don't really enjoy pet management. I also don't think I should "roll a shadow priest or mage" just because pets are one of my less favorite aspects of the class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gohzerlock View Post
    I love my lock, I don't really enjoy pet management. I also don't think I should "roll a shadow priest or mage" just because pets are one of my less favorite aspects of the class.
    Can only agree on this, feel the same way.

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    I don't mind having pets, it's just annoying having another thing to worry about (particularly with such long pet summon cast times! :P).

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    Assassinating alliance duelers infront of IF with Eye of Killrog. Those were the days...
    ಠ_ರೃ Curses!

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    this pretty much sums it up classic, still love it.

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    Yeah I dislike the pet management side myself, I admit I'd be happier without the demon in the first place as it just feels like a nuisance. I don't know, I guess the overall flavor of the class- I play a shadow priest too but I just prefer my warlock for some reason (and I play affliction when I can).

    I like the aspects of complexity which involve several small choices each of which bump your damage up a bit, rather than the demonology version which is usually one big moment that will send any hope of topping the meters to an untimely grave if you get it even slightly wrong; plus, I guess the spec just feels clunky and unnatural to me- so naturally I'm an affliction/destruction man. Personal preference of course, nothing against those who enjoy demo.

    When it comes down to it though gameplay wise I do enjoy the infinitesimal micromanagement (excluding pets.. :P ) that comes with the class, and the satisfaction when you do get good results. Off the field, as has been said, warlocks are just badass. End of.

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    In May 2005 after i installed the game and went to the character selection screen, after reading the warlock description i just said, "That's the one".

    It still is my main today...

    I believe that lock players just have a special "thing" about their char. It's not like players from other classes don't have it, but you can easily spot it more frequently on warlocks.
    The dark themed lore appealing to our "twisted" side, the complex micro-management that ruins you if you fail but its rewarding when properly done, the demons. There's something about this class that ppl just don't see in any other.

    Summoning Infernals in IF at lvl60 when they broke the enslave and started killing ppl standing around!
    Baron Geddon bombs that sticked in your pet after you dismissed it and continued its timer in IF AH ^^ youtube .com/watch?v=gC9c6D0B-JM

    The PvP specially at lvl60. This (youtube .com/watch?v=VVERnEHcI2s) was my introduction to seduce-nuke technique witch got me amazed!
    The PVE epeen times during TBC. Spec was damn boring but it was good for the ego
    The utterly complex but equally rewarding affliction from Cata Naxx times. Think it was 2 debuffs (one with SB), 5 Dots, Haunt and SB!
    The setup for a kill as aff. PvP wich i focused more on cata (made the hole TBC as seduce destro :P)

    So many found memories i have with this char. If blizzard removed it i think id leave the game...

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