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    Shaman Looking for Raiding Guild

    Hi i am an enhancement shaman with a 386 ilvl my offspec is currently an enhance pvp build but i am willing and able to switch it to resto or elemental if needed with that set having a 381 ilvl. I am experienced up2 ultraxion on normal and i have read up about all the fights on normal and heroic so i am not going in blindly to these fights.

    I have raided ever since the burning crusade content and coming into cata i had to stop playing/raiding as i was working 10 hour days with an hour travel time each way. I am smart about my class, i am a team player and i can commit to raids between 7 and midnight server time every day. Im just looking for someone to give me a chance.

    Here is my armory http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...hanna/advanced

    Thanks in advance

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    willing to change servers and faction as well.
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    We're a fun guild looking for ppl that want to raid on a regular basis.
    Lvl 19 (almost 20), nice perks, food/flasks dropped at every raid.

    We'd love to have you. check us out on the Pacific US servers or search for Raiders of the Lost Ark in Guild Recruitment

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