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    Depends what my work schedule is, but i'll probably be 90 in a week.
    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodias View Post
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    Muh main

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    Made 250k gold so far, with 10-15k gold profit per day Im going to try to get 500k before MoP hits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadylol View Post
    Lol level 90 race

    I doubt anyone cares enough about MoP to race to 90, especially after how dissapointing Cata was. People will still buy it of course, but no one's going to be taking it seriously, even the leveling
    Clearly no one cares about MoP. It's all so clear.

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    in game:
    Learn the new abbilities get to know my chars!
    learn the new ways of game play!
    farming 40k gold.
    pvping alot in beta

    real life:
    getting alot of computer gear:
    Razer naga
    new hard disk + ssd
    new screen
    and pre ordering mop CE ofc!

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    I have 25 quests completed in quest log, ready to turn in.
    Got some more stuff to get, planning on doing it later today

    "Special" Music Playlist for Leveling
    Food (well not yet but i will have it the day exp is about to be released)
    A good amount of sleep before the release

    Yes, I'm going for Server First

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    Ingame music turned up all the way to enjoy the orchestra
    Walking slowly to enjoy the scenery around me
    Mounts and transmog sets farmed up so I'll look stylin' while doing so
    Experimenting with updated talent trees on all of my 85s in Beta to see who could be my new main

    Pimped out gaming PC for MoP, Diablo 3, and GW2 as well as other new releases in the pipeline
    9-5 work as always, then come home and try to squeeze in a few quests before peak usage and switch to Diablo 3 when it's too crowded

    Yeah, I rushed in Vanilla and not going to this time.

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    rushed all previous xpac's and had to wait weeks for guilds to catch up, this time i'm taking it easy.. will play first day no doubt, but wont be pushing anything.. except the occasional bowel movement.

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    I will be working that week so 4 hours a night for 5 days each week, hardly a race for me and I've got 7 85's to level up, 8 soon maybe 9 so.. I'll take my time on my alts but lvl my main as fast as 4 hours a night can get me. (except on weekends ofc)
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    100 Flask of Winds?? I don't really see the point there..

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    totally agree. last xpac i whizzed to 85 on 2 alts before some of the guild had mains at 85. consequence of this was that some of the slowbies were primary raiders, so it was all held up for them to level.. which is fine ofc.. but it blew me out big time, i spent 2-3 weeks doing archaeology (when it was horrible) and it made me almost quit the game. /lesson learned

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadylol View Post
    Lol level 90 race

    I doubt anyone cares enough about MoP to race to 90, especially after how dissapointing Cata was. People will still buy it of course, but no one's going to be taking it seriously, even the leveling
    I agree with this guy. People still take this game seriously? lul

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cricketfan99 View Post
    100 Flask of Winds?? I don't really see the point there..
    It feels way too much yeah. 20 or 30 should be more then enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadee View Post
    I agree with this guy. People still take this game seriously? lul
    As serious as that hairstyle in your piccy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Servasus View Post
    Wow, Negative Nancy. Just because you feel that way doesn't mean others do. I'm sure LOTS of people care about the race to 90. I mean, who do you think you're kidding?
    Just because you feel that way, doesn't mean that others do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimlow View Post
    reading all the quest text now and getting the flavor of the zones in the beta and memorizing where to go/what to do for each quest so I don't have to feel bad about just accepting quests without reading descriptions.

    - stockpiled about 10k gold
    - I've experimented with a bunch of different toons on the beta and have finally settled on a toon/main to level first for the expac (to limit alt-itis) and maxed enchanting on it so I can DE all un-needed quest rewards and drop green and sell them on the AH early in the expac while people are dropping the most gold
    -I don't stockpile pots and flasks because I always have a hard time remembering to check that they are on and I don't feel they really give much of a boost.

    - Dubstep playlist in pandora
    - Metal playlist in pandora
    - Complete MST3K Series along with /Adventure Time/Venture Bro/ and Metalocalypse to watch on second screen to stop from becoming too bored
    - Fiber one bars/ plenty of lunch meat and bread to make sandwiches.
    - I got plenty of Vacation time to burn for work once I know the release date I'll schedule something
    - Building a new gaming rigg as my old one is turning 5 years old
    FYI Pots and Flask give a huge Boost too your spec.

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    I'll be working when MoP launches so, it won't be anything too crazy. Start the download/install before I leave for work, try a bit of everything that night. I likely won't get into playing too much until the first weekend, anyways. Still, excited.

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    Ok well yeah maybe 100 flasks may be a bit too much, especially if I'm B-lining it straight to 90 shouldn't be more than 40 hours you think?

    And Flasks + Pots + Food is crucial especially if you're going for server first... Even a kings buff + might helps immensely!

    For myself: My Base Agility will be (with my trinket) 7767 -- From Food / Flask / Buffs - and Spamming potions of agility on cooldown for each quest mob kill --> I'll be up to roughly 9700 Agility... That's 25% higher, and if I can translate that into levels, even if it's only 10% faster per level, on a 8 hour level, that's near 50 minutes shaved off if not more... over 5 levels it's 4+ hours saved... which could definitely make the difference between server first or not! (or just help you get to sleep a lot earlier)

    (Edit: For me, and other theory crafting / number crunching rogues would agree, we're just so buff-dependent for our dps/damage in raids, the same applies here )
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    That's some pretty intense preparation. Make sure to fit bathing in the out of game category somewhere :-P
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    Depends on when it launches, but most likely this is what I'll have prepared:

    cleaned my room and put in an extra pc / screen - also made room for a few exercises to keep my mind awake
    prepared lots of healthy snacks, fruits and water
    Prepare a few hour long playlist with fitting music
    Taken a big dump just before midnight (very important)

    Saved up the 1 million gold that was my goal
    Prepared a few hundred pots and a couple of cauldrons, expecting to be 90 about 10 hours in
    Tested the beta through for the fastest way to level up, be that dungeons (with 4 other guildies all in BiS gear etc) or questing or both.
    Emptied my bags?

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