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    5 max, nothing really bothers me on the internet
    This guy.

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    This is why I stay away from most competitive multiplayer games...

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    I'd say probably about a 15-25. I don't really get mad, most I'll do is get annoyed if someone tries to talk crap to me over vent (very rare), at which point I'll proceed to make them look silly until I no longer have to deal with them (or until I get a real apology/get over it. Whichever comes first).

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    In general about 10-20 and I don't really get angry just annoyed and I shout.. I only get a bit angry if someone is talking shit like constantly complaining about not being able to beat a certain class on WoW in duels and I say why not just stop dueling them???? Then they will say some bullshit and and yeah. but on Call of Duty.. 100 every time, which is why I stopped playing it.
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    My rage got so high once I almost succeeded in cracking my skull open on the desk. Im very emotional when it comes to some form of PVP.

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    30 - 40 at most and that's only if someone is intentionally pissing people/me off or if I have big lag. back about 6 - 9 years ago, aged 14 - 18 I used to punch myself in the leg (ending up with bruises lol) when I spent hours doing one thing and never giving up! (Achievement whore) I'm very much relaxed these days, don't play a lot of games so less stress, I enjoy casual WoW gaming

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    My computer does this thing where the frames of my game freezes but I can still hear combat sounds going on as if I'm NOT lagging... well I ended up dying in DOTA because I couldn't control my character and I completely lost it. Ended up bashing my laptop keyboard into a pulp which I'm pretty sure dislodged main memory from it.

    Had a fun time explaining that to the parents.

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    40 at most Never broken anything through rage and never get angry enough to start bashing other people even if they're playing badly.

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    Mine is always a 1 unless I repeat myself about a simple mechanic oh say a dozen times and you keep screwing it up, then maybe a 60. >> "Please push you buttons when he is halfway through casting, no I did not say finished casting, yes I will call it out, now, wait you still didn't hit it, what do you mean vent lag you just heard me say you still didn't hit it, omg..." <See

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    probably peaks out about 40

    i get frustrated, who doesn't, but it's minor with me (so far as smashing things etc goes) it's more a half swing my arm down with the controller (if consoling), or either shake my clenched hands infront of me, or bang the desk (of on the PC)

    that that's like "worst case raging", usually i just kinda grunt and "eeeeurnnnngh !!" (not overly loudly)

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    I try to get to 100 if i can.

    Nothing beats people raging at me raging.
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