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    Quest Gun vs. Heroic Bow

    So I'm at the point where I'm geared enough to be getting gear from the HoT dungeons. I have the regular heroics bow and I got the epic tanking bow from the general HoT quest line. Normally I would never consider using a tanking weapon as I would lose the attk. power from the AGL loss but the base unmodified DPS on the tanking gun is significantly higher on it (200 or so increase) so I'm wondering if that makes up for this which I fish around in the HoT dungeons for the AGL based bow/gun. Thank you for any advice!

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    Can you link the two items in question?
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    Yep, the gun is the clear winner. The bow only has 95 agility and an equally low amount of secondary stats. None of which make up for 192 less weapon DPS.

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