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    Double Frost Mage 2v2

    Will this comp work just for fun? Or would it be better for one of us to be fire? Thoughts?

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    Hello. I'm familiar with this comp. It worked well back in wotlk, but i doubt it will now. DR's are a real problem for that comp right now. I think if you're good you can get near 2k. But with a fire mage with you, and I mean a good one, you can see 2.2k's. Not an easy comp to play though. 2 dps setups will always cause trouble, the synergy between you and your partner should be good, you need to practice before going serious. If you're new to the comp, you will get bashed. Get some practice and gear up, especially the fire mage. You need to learn how to watch each other's back and using your cd's together. Like DF, because for a fire mage, it means total ownage. It is all about practicising honestly. Practice, and you will succeed, it is a viable comp, but I have my doubts for double frost.

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    Fire/frost works well in 3s. Can't see why frost frost wouldn't work in 2s simply due to the fact that if each of you can pull off ~50k shatters and ~25k frostfire bolt through brain freeze, its GG.

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    It does work, but you will get hard countered from time to time. Also you need to be very skilled and hope the enemies don't know how to abuse line of sight.

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    depends on battlegroup, ive played it up to 2400 with 90% win ratio on shitty battlegroups. also fire/frost seems to workout better now instead of double frost.

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    Fire/Frost is better.

    I played it and it went okay but it wasn't as dominant as I had hoped. If there was a caster/healer team we had trouble to be honest, and god forbid there was ever a fucking Hunter.

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    + mastery pve gear + invis + open hard + lol.

    if you dont have the pve gear it wont be nearly as fun

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    As many have said already, go fire/frost. That gives you more damage and more control with different DRs.
    A good frostmage can already solo 2s up to 1500 so having another mage will give you an easy trip to atleast 2000...

    Have fun!

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    Frost mage with blazing speed, both mages don't need ignite and it benefits the fire mage more. comp is very viable against melee; feral druids are pretty good at tearing up one mage, but won't be able to touch you if there are two.

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    If a feral ever sticks on a frost mage for more than 5 seconds you're doing it wrong...

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    It works well when you play it like complete jerks and just aim to survive. The amount of peels one mage can do while the other eats/evos is ridiculous

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    works just fine if ur not goin for hi ratings

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    I played this comp in 2's with my alt mage and my friends mage. We played around 2.1k in s9 and it was tons of fun. The strengths of the comp is the amout of peels you can do for eachother. If one of you drops low he should just run away and start drinking while the other mage just peels them off you.

    This season fire/frost would probably work better. As Fire/frost you would probably get kills by doing this:

    1. Scorch+Fire Blast on a target in a nova for the Pyro buff
    2. Frost mage Deep freezes the kill target while the fire mage DB the healer
    3. Pyro with trinket into the Deep Freeze for a crit
    4. Combustion

    The damage will be absurb. It's a real funny comp to play in 2's.

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