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    there is the last weekend before d3 release, so you can easily find a gf and stop being a virgin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herecius View Post
    As the gameplay is absolutely nothing like WoW at all, play what sounds the most fun to you. I'm dead serious.
    This really. WoW and Diablo gameplay have nothing in common. If you like a Mage in WoW that does not mean you like a Wizard in Diablo. All classes in Diablo need to be self sufficient ie able to do damage, and survive. Which means you need mobility and defensive skills and not just mostly stand still, nuke, and move out of the bad stuff like in WoW. Diablo gameplay is also much faster paced where in WoW you deal mostly with small groups or solo opponents in Diablo you will be fighting big packs pretty much all the time.

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    if you saw any footage of diablo don't be misled, that's the game and glorious thing too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by andy_mitchelluk View Post
    there is the last weekend before d3 release, so you can easily find a gf and stop being a virgin.
    Here this guy is again insulting people he knows nothing about. Sounds like a total idiot with every post he puts on these forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orbitus View Post
    < Snip >.
    Simply report the person, Insulting him right here will lead your self an infraction despite good Intentions.

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    You are not really giving us any info what style of play you like so its not really possible to say what you will like. That ends only the option of "you need to try all classes to see yourself what you like".

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    if u didnt like diablo2 u probly wont like diablo 3.. i loved the hack and slash of diablo 1.. killing endless masses of enemies in a horrible twisted and dark cathedral.. venturing further and further until reaching the very worst of hell...
    diablo 2 was more colorful starting from the rogue encampment to the very catacombs.. killing andariel.. chasing the escaped prime evils until finally facing them in act 3, act 4, and act 5 if u bought the expansion..

    there is no healing class and no tanks in diablo 2.. probly not in diablo 3 either.. who knows..

    i myself kinda dislike d3 just from playing the beta.. theres something fun about killing surprisingly simple demons like the fallen ones in act1 of d2.

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    Have you heavily played many games other than World of Warcraft?

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    Well ... here's a simple round up ...

    Melee classes:
    Barbarian - Uses brute force to slay his enemies. Heavy weaponry and tough armor suits the barbarians most.
    Monk - Spiritual energies flow through the monk as he's following his holy path. He prefers fast weapons, fist weapons or bo-staffs as well as light armor.

    Ranged classes:
    Wizard - As a master of the arcane the wizard uses his power to conjure fire, ice and raw arcane force to pulverize his enemies. They wear light armor and carry spezial foci that increase they capabilities.
    Demon Hunter - The demon hunter has endured alot and has become a living weapon in the fight against the demon hordes. His mastery of self-disciplin and utilizing his hatred have made him an exceptional archer. He's shooting with bows or crossbows and lays traps for his foes to step into.
    Witch Doctor - Witch doctors are the spirtual leaders of primal tribes. Their voodoo like spells allow them to call zombie companions that will aid them in battle. Poison and deception are they weapons of choice.

    Since you don't know Diablo i thought it might be better to give you an insight like I have provided instead of telling you what class does what ...
    I always use descriptions like that when I plunge into a new game. It is far easier that way to find the class you can identify with the most.

    hope it helped
    and just in case that you don't like d3 after testing it ... well that's life ^^
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    Comparing Diablo to WoW is like... comparing Tetris with Monopoly.

    Gameplay whise you won't get many help from your past mmo experience. But the style of the classes is very similar with typical mmo classes.

    In terms of style you could compare them like:

    Barbarian > Warrior
    Monk > Monk
    Wizard > Mage
    Witch Doctor > Shaman/Warlock/Shadow Priest
    Demon Hunter > Rogue/Hunter

    Though the gameplay is nothing like WoW and even their fighting style is very different. (Maybe only Barb and Wiz fight a bit like their WoW pendants)

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    Monk and witch doctor were so fun and amazing to play.

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    Just smack the mobs .. oh and get epic gear to flash your epeen!
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    I would like to apologise for the rude comments made on this post and any other posts in the last week or so.
    It looks like some lovely person thought it would be a good idea to hack my mmo-champion account and post some rather nasty comments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pwntus95 View Post
    I'didn't like it at all. I think it was the hack n' slash thing I didn't like.
    Then D3 probably isn't for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pwntus95 View Post
    Anyhow, since I bought the annual pass I'm getting D3 for free, so I'm thinking about giving it a try. I tried D2 like 5 minutes, didn't like it at all. I think it was the hack n' slash thing I didn't like.
    Thanks alot .)
    If you didn't like D2, chances are very high that you wont like D3 at all.

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