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    Boomkin PvP stat priority

    I started playing craft when WotLK first came out and never started PvP until Cata. I am new to this whole thing and I'm picking up helpful tips/macros along the way but a question I have is in the stat priority for Boomkin PvP. i know most people say haste>mastery>crit same as PvE but I am running this build in which I use the muti dot and MF/SF spam method to apply medium pressure with surprisingly high single target burst while spamming and using starsurge procs. I've yet to break 1800 due to a lot of RL stuff interfering with my PvP schedule. Now I may be wrong for trying to use this method of damage dealing in the first place since every boomy I see hard casts spells but with the setup I'm using wouldn't my stat priority be Crit>Mastery>Haste? Any advice and feedback welcome.

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    I personally have never played with a build like this before. But if you feel that haste wouldn't be your best stat anymore then it would go mastery first. Crit is very RNG based and not that good, especially with dots.

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    I wouldnt take lunar shower, it's almost always better to sit in solar for as long as possible, dotting like crazy, few casts here and there and plenty of cc. If you're playing like a caster caster then your team may as well take someone else (lock mage spriest elesham). Lunar shower is great to help you eclipse but a huge detriment once you get there and if you're spamming to get from one eclipse to the next, you're overwriting eclipsed dots with uneclipsed dots and probably totally nerfing your damage.

    There's far better things you could be doing than MF spamming so haste will always be better than anything else.

    Haste > Mastery > Cirt

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    Noxxic.com has anything you need to know about all classes pretty much. PvE or PvP

    Helped me alot awhile back.

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    For PvP your going to want to go Haste > Mastery > Crit. The reasoning behind this is that typically your dot damage is going to be the highest percentage of your total damage in pvp. Well nothing helps that like extra dot ticks on Moonfire and Insect Swarm. Also when you do actually have a chance to hardcast your nukes your going to want to be able to fire those off faster, and Haste will help you do just that.

    Mastery is also attractive, but because it only affects eclipse and you have no reliable way to get into eclipse 100% of the time (Melee and hunters cannot resist our moonkin charm) Mastery suffers. If it were possible to get into eclipse without hard casting or spamming moonfire for a paltry 8 energy Mastery might actually be a viable stat build.

    Crit is last on the list, simply because it is just a static increase. Crit doesn't always increase your damage, just statically over a long enough sample time. Sure you may be able to get 6 Crits off in a row and demolish someone but that rarely happens so I look at Crit is something you'll just obtain but reforge most of it away.

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    For RBGs : Haste > Mastery > Crit . You want to get into eclipse fast and with so many interrupters haste is much needed.

    Arena's : Can be either Haste > Mastery > Crit or Mastery > Haste > Crit . Both are right because in Arena all you do is spam Moonfire/SuF with Lunar Shower so Mastery is powerful but you also need to CC so Haste is also very important.

    Personally I'm going PvE priorities everywhere. Also by taking Lunar Shower (a MUST for PvP ) you make mana problems obsolete, so move the Moonglow points into Starlight Wrath for occasions the enemies let you freecast. I would also move 1x Blessing of the Grove and 1x Perseverance into Gale winds for the cyclone range.

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    You also might want to take 1 point to Furor for fast interrupt in catform.

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