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  • Durmand Priory - Relics FTW.

    147 29.64%
  • Order of Whispers - Give the dragons sleeping pills.

    161 32.46%
  • Vigil - Kill all the dragons!

    188 37.90%
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    Order of whispers is worth it just for Tybalt - I haven't laughed so hard at an NPC in ages. Apples, anyone? Oh, and he also has a unique face, as I've tried for over an hour to replicate it in the char(r) creator, but to no avail.

    I should also mention that I now want to strangle Anet for doing what they did to him. I should never have done the lvl 50 personal story quest, damn them. *sobs uncontrollably*

    Edit: The blacked-out text obviously includes spoilers, if it's not obvious enough. You have been warned.

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    What?? This is for everyone and anyone? My god, that is a dissapointment. I thought that only my ingenious Asura character and his comrades were to pick. Gosh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Well View Post
    What?? This is for everyone and anyone? My god, that is a dissapointment. I thought that only my ingenious Asura character and his comrades were to pick. Gosh.
    Asura: The only race cockier than Blood Elves.

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    Order of Whispers. As is natural to me with a Ranger.

    For Tybalt!

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    I have discovered something deeply disturbing. This is almost entirely speculation, and there is another way to interpret it.

    Do not click the spoiler if you're not well into the level 80 personal stories or you don't care about spoilers.

    The Sovereign Eye of Zhaitan said to me: "I see in your heart that you have lost someone to Zhaitan. Someone named Tybalt. He is waiting for you now, beneath the dragon's wings." What could it mean!? Could it be a way to convince me to side with Zhaitan? Could it be foreshadowing for an undead Tybalt? (I seriously hope not) I refuse to fight Undead Tybalt.

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    Hi folks, here is my two and a half cents thoughts to contribute. I decide the order to join base on the character that I've created.

    My character is a Sylvari Necromancer. He is medium in size. So:

    1) Leave the front line to warriors cuz that's what they do by nature.
    2) Leave the fist fight to Char and Norn who has bigger fist by nature.
    3) Medium Armour is perfect for Medium size character.
    4) Necromancer is about dark art so let's keep him in the dark and mystery.
    5) My character is woken at the Cycle of Night (a choice i made during character creation). It means secretive.
    6) Relic and stuff goes well with those who has lesser magical skills by nature. They need them more.

    My character joined Order of Whisper cuz it suits and makes more sense to him. That's two cents.
    My half a cent thought it's more adventurous in that order. Which suits me!

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    I live off of alts, so all three. Though if I had a main, it would be Priory. Their base is magnificent.

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    I joined whispers on my Necromancer, since I went cycle of night, which is all like secretive and loner like, i thought they would fit best.

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