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    Druid Vermin Lord

    So for a new d&d 3.5 campaign, I wanted to make my character a Druid Vermin Keeper (See The Underdark book).
    I'll be able to control swarms of vermin (spiders, rats, etc.), have a familiar (like a giant scorpion), and even be able to shift into a vermin of my choice.

    I know wisdom should be my number one stat, but am not sure what the number two stat should be.
    Also, I can't decide on a cool race to play as.
    Any ideas?
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    Probably dexterity or con. Charisma, strength, and intelligence aren't that important for divine casters. I'm not familiar with this class though, so strength may be important if there's some kind of conversion in your animal forms and you want to do a lot of melee fighting like that. I have a rule when I make D&D characters though. Regardless of how an individual DM determines ability scores, if I have any control over them I never let con be lower than my third highest stat.

    As for race, I'm not sure if there's any restrictions for Druid Vermin Lords, but I go Human whenever I can swing it. Dat extra feat is kind of OP. Half elf is generally considered to be bad. They don't really have anything that makes them stand out. The next best thing that doesn't have a level adjustment is probably Elf.
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    I think I'm going to go Human. Thanks for the help guys
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    you could name him The Last Ratbender

    do it

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