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    [Vote] Best Intro for guild videos

    Hello, I would like your opinion about the best intro of all these showed in this video, that you think would be the most cool to put as intro of a boss guild video.

    Poll will be added.

    Thank you and Enjoy.

    Reminder: This is just an example, I can add diffrent colours to the text, fonts etc.
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    The one starting at 3:50. But change the letters. They look ugly in all intros :< (colour and font)

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    Something like this
    Boy do i miss when wow had a soul and people you could recognize and care for...
    My lines are so potent that in this small segment i made all of the ladies in the first 3 comments pregnant!

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    i like the one at 0:58 and the 3:50 one aswel. But idd what the guy above m said change the text and color cus red dusn't work with the backgrounds that you've chosen.

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    I'd recommend changing the type face to a bolder typeface, as well as changing the color of the type. You want it to contrast well with the background so you can read the type. I like the one that starts at 3:51.

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