Name: Nairella Carthage

Age: 27 (died at 18)

Race: Forsaken

Gender: Female

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Likes: Research, potions, poisons, alchemy, books, magic, knowledge, learning

Dislikes: Loud noises, ignorance, arrogance, recklessness, messes, children

Appearance: Nairella stood at a diminutive 5-foot-nothing in life and remains at exactly that height in undeath. She is most often found in the dark robes commonly worn by members of the Royal Apothecary Society, as she is a member of that organization. The style of her robes is indicative of junior member of the Society, with bland colors and not a whole lot of intricate detail. She is understandably petite under the robe; the young lady simply doesn’t have much substance to her.

Her hair, which had been a pretty strawberry blonde in life, had faded to an almost gray tone and become quite dry. It’s just a little longer than shoulder length and usually hangs loose. Her skin is pale with a slight gray tint to it, and it is stretched tightly over her very thin, gaunt frame. Having died as a young woman, she still bears some resemblance to one halfway between girlhood and womanhood.

Personality: The young woman is a very even-tempered, logical thinker. She possesses no bloodlust or desire for conflict of any form but is very open to expanding her knowledge on different ways to pulverize foes of the Forsaken. Nairella dedicates her time to endless studying and research on subjects ranging from potion brewing to magic, and has recently been attempting to practice the demonic art of the warlock.

She is very passive and submissive and does not often question orders she is given, provided they make sense to her. Though Nairella does not possess the overbearing nationalism of some of her Forsaken comrades, she is loyal mainly because she knows attempting to defect from the Forsaken would likely be the end of her. She is a big believer in self-preservation and would sooner turn tail and run than sacrifice her life for someone else. She does not see this as cowardice.

Strengths: Very logical thinker, fast learner, extremely observant and detail-oriented, vast knowledge of potions, poisons, and plant life, some magical skill

Weaknesses: Physically weak, very little experience with melee combat, not capable of large amounts of magic, fairly easily intimidated

History: Nairella was born to an impoverished couple living on a farm in what is now the Eastern Plaguelands. She was the oldest of six children and saddled with the responsibilities of helping raise her siblings and tend to the farm early on in her life. Living in poverty, she did not have much opportunity to go out into the world and explore or learn extraordinary things: she was needed at home, at the farm, where she could help her parents tend the livestock and the crops so that maybe, just maybe, they’d get by financially.

Early on in her life it was observed that she was a very logical thinker; she took pleasure in simple puzzles when she was only a small child and when she was larger, she had fun taking apart and reassembling certain pieces of farm equipment and tack. This annoyed her father greatly until he became comfortable with the idea that she was clever enough to undo whatever she did. Despite her clear intellect, her parents were unwilling to let her leave the farm to go studying in the cities. Nairella wanted to learn magic, but her lot in life did not afford her the opportunity.

When she was just coming into adulthood, the plague ravaged Lordaeron. Nairella’s parents were aware of it but said nothing to any of their children, including their oldest daughter, but lived their life on the farm in hopes that isolation alone would spare them. It did not. People carrying the infection, oblivious to it and hoping to escape it, showed up at the Carthage house seeking shelter. Nairella was in the barn at the time and never saw those strangers. Her whole family, however, was exposed. Her parents knew they were exposed and rather than letting their entire family die to the Plague, they sent Nairella off. They never told her why – they told her to ride to town in hopes of trading crops and meat. She obeyed, as usual.

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Nairella’s intellect was utilized by the Scourge and even before liberation; she was set to tasks involving research and development of toxins. She excelled at these tasks, even if they were incredibly basic considering her experience. Then the opportunity for freedom opened itself to her, Nairella seized it and became one of the Forsaken under Sylvanas Windrunner’s rule. Death had certainly changed her. Emotional attachments seemed even more pointless than ever to her and she didn’t stick with the Forsaken because of some sense of camaraderie – she stuck with them because it was the logical thing to do.

Her experience as a minor chemist with the Scourge made her an ideal member for the Royal Apothecary Society, but because she was light on practical experience, she was given an apprentice’s rank first. Nairella quickly learned the ropes and absorbed as much information as she could from her superiors, happily helping in the development of the Forsaken’s new plague and other poisons and potions. She poured countless hours into books and scrolls and the gathering of information and experimented on her own.

When a large portion of the Royal Apothecary Society tried to revolt, Nairella stuck on the side of the Forsaken as a whole as she did not like her odds of survival if she sided with Putress. It was a very good decision as she is.. well, not dead. After the dust settled, she moved out of the Undercity and started working in the area of Tarren Mill.

That is where she is currently. Recently she has taken up studying the dark art of the warlock. She is a quick study but her responsibilities with the Royal Apothecary Society have made her progression in the area of demonology slow at best.

Still, she learns.