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    Do you have room for Grimoire of Service?

    I'm having a really hard time finding somewhere to put Grimoire of Service that's close to hand. I have literaly not a single button I can use without putting it on the other side of the keyboard on an obscure bar that I only use for out of combat spells. Other than that I can move some other spells away but that doesn't solve anything.

    The trouble is that Service is really 4 seperate spells. Sure you can just put the fly-out menu on your bars but that just makes things really awkward because you have to then click the tiny icon after pressing the key -- not ideal for using this during combat. To be honest I'm even finding it hard to put just 1 of them somewhere meaningfull..

    Then even if you do find somewhere good to put them, what happens if you change to Supremacy or Sacrifice for a while? You just end up with 4 empty buttons..

    How are the rest of you finding it? Do you find it awkward having Grimoire of Service?
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    Edited the title for you.

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    Use a macro with modifiers for each demon.

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    I actually have room to spare on the Beta, with all the buttons I lost. Also I just made a macro. /cast grimoire: XXX where XXX is the type name of the demon, so right now, felhunter. I reckon I'll probably only use the highest dps one anyway, so it will be easy enough to change the name at the start of each patch with the highest dps Demon and be done with it.

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    Well sure you can just use only a single summon for PVE, but what about PVP? What if you need one of the other pet's abilities?

    What I've ended up doing is adding the highest DPS pet into my Dark Soul macro, then making a shift macro for 2 of the others. The problem is that I still don't really have the room for it.

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