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    I hope my redone troll model is half as expressive as that Male Panda, jesus!

    Animators are having so much fun on these models.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eggowaffles View Post
    Too bad the major demographic that listens to this song and this shit is well over 18. Britney Spears BE Dance is more childish than Carmelldansen based off the audience that listens to the song the dances were taken from.

    and for the Party Rock, I really hope you don't concider that childish, with wonderful lyrics such as
    Funny, I saw a 5 yr old girl singing that exact part of the song in quiznos the other day.

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    You will all learn to love Caramelldansen
    Just google "danzorz.swf" and let it loop for 1hour

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kethryveris View Post
    what is the purpose of the /dance then? I thought it was to look cool... not look like a retard. I mean some of the other races have cool dances...

    When I heard what the pandarian dances were going to be... I was like damn looks like my panda will be a boy just like my worgen was ... but omg they messed up the shuffle so bad it's like not even worth it to make it male for the dance.
    Since when has any /dance in this game made anyone look "cool?" From the first races modeled(humans, orcs) to the pandaren, the /dance has always been just unbelievably silly, and that's kind of the point: to be something silly and fun.

    Warcraft as a whole has never taken itself very seriously, and has always been full of random and silly things. That's just what Blizzard does.

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    Imagine a whoooole bunch of dancing male pandas surrounding a male troll who is break dancing in the middle.


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    We need to do a dance party something lik 10-20 panda all lined up (16 panda to do a 4x4 of dancing panda and random orc + troll that swag around.


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    OMFG THE QQ!!!! Jebus people, really? The WAILING. The GNASHING of teeth. "Well, this is it! NOW MoP is ruined for SURE!" "Oh man, now I can't play my female panderan..."

    WHAT!?! Because you don't like her DANCE? Are you people frakking kidding me? What, Carmelldansen is somehow worse than the macarana? Or that weird jib the male draenei do?

    FFS people, a little perspective. Grow up. This doesn't even qualify as a first-world problem. This is complaining because you got chocolate ice cream when you asked for Double fudge. Spoiled little brats.

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    I think the Panda male does the Jerk as well

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    Everyday I'm suffer'n!

    ... Though the male dance is okay without the music. Also, these could all be much more worse, just think of the Male dance as Sexy and I know it (Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, YEAH!).

    Female dance is also okay, I mean, it's not like no one who knew what it was didn't expect it. And at least it's not Lady Woofwoof grabing her breats and crotch in a totaly "Not sexy furry" way...

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    They better keep these or I'm raging up a storm.

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    Party Panda's in the house tonight?

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    Well I can't post links but I like the shufflin!

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    Quote Originally Posted by damntree View Post
    Funny, I saw a 5 yr old girl singing that exact part of the song in quiznos the other day.

    Call me crazy, but I smell bullshit.

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    Oh boy. Here come the whines about blizz making pandaren females too cute.
    I like it. Yay caramalldansen!
    Even though it's a Swedish song that anime characters (Japanese) dance to and it's now the dance for a Chinese based character... wait what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Margallo View Post
    They better keep these or I'm raging up a storm.
    Don't worry. Most animations in WoW are implemented by the "throw shit and see if it sticks" method, and dances usually have glue mixed into it to make sure they stick :P

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    I'm amazed and happy they made Caramelldansen the female dance. I remember reading it under a suggestion. Gj Blizz.

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    Watching the male dance all I can think of is the 1982 jello commercial jingle.

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    Pandaren parody videos now! Someone get on this!!!

    Awwww yeaaah indeed!!!

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    HELL YES, exactly what they should be! Even if you hate Caramelldansen, you have to admit it's absolutely perfect for Panda girls.

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    I really hope blizz just trolled us

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