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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiny212 View Post
    The guy is out of line but things you've been handed include; levels, epic gear, achievements, epic mounts, gold, arena rating and virtually everything else there is to acquire in WoW that once required a certain display of skill to acquire.
    You are confusing "skill" with "time"
    @Ghostcrawler:Some advice: [My pet issue] is why there were sub losses is one of the weaker arguments players use. Players don't have that data.

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    chance that WoW is "saved" and "stable" - 98%
    chance that people will still continue to make "QQ WoW is dying because I have an important opinion!" threads - 98%


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    Quote Originally Posted by Killmaim Deathbringer View Post
    "To launch atleast two titles including diablo 3" so that means 3 games this year or just two? The wording is abit confusing.

    If anything though, it will obviously be Diablo 3, Pandaria and Heart of the Swarm.
    D3, MoP and Dota.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevanSparda View Post
    Blizzard will launch "at least" two titles in 2012, including Diablo 3.

    So, they pretty much confirmed that HoS will not launch this year since MoP is already in Beta for some time
    you missed the "at least" bit....

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeyD View Post
    I'm amazed at how a bunch of people at home on their computers care so much about these numbers as if they stand to lose millions of dollars if WoW loses subscribers.

    Guys, you are overly passionate about a video game, look at you, sitting around your home, some of you jobless, and excited that your fantasy world still has people that like it. (Not trolling here - just stating the view from the side of reality. I like reading about MMOs but no time to play them.)

    This number indicates there has been zero growth despite the hype of a new patch and a new expansion on the horizon. While people may jump for joy going "Yay! No losses!", there's no growth. Blizzard's attempt to stop the bleeding with the annual pass has been applied, but once that bandaid falls off, what next?
    When the bandaid falls off, we will have Mists of Pandaria. And I assure you, the hype is not a lie this time. Mists of Pandaria is exactly what it claims to be, a new look at an old game.
    "Oh, who does my hair? You might have heard of my stylist. It's called the Void!"

    "No matter how much you plead I will not sprout tentacles or turn into a giant eyeball. Well, I might. But not because you asked!"

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    Not surprised. LFR was a great adition and i knew that it will stop the bleeding.

    MoP will increse the subs numbers again, and it will depend on how good it is and who is it aimed to.

    Aim the xpac for elitists like Cata when launched and it will fail, aim it to casuals like last quarter Cata and will keep the subs that will come back with MoP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thuran View Post
    League of legends finds it cute that you would cheer over a mere 15 mllion subs
    I got stuck at the part where you would even grasp the thought to compare the subs of a Free to Play MOBA game where you do the same thing over and over again to a $15 a month Pay to Play MMORPG game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pancaspe View Post
    Watching Haters Writhe in Agony, it is a very good day.
    "You have a different opinion than me about a product? HATER!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiny212 View Post
    You're playing in Cataclysm, you really SHOULD know that time equals reward, not skill, perhaps you've forgotten the old days, weren't skilled in them or perhaps you weren't there.
    The only one who has forgotten "the old days" is obviously you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jouricarver View Post
    you missed the "at least" bit....
    you really think MoP will stay on BETA until next year?

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    I love blizz. WoW is greatest game of all time. It's getting better and better every day! I'm firm in my believe 25 million players this time next year! WoW has never done wrong!

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    So, if your next best grocery store is offering 2+1 oranges tomorrow, will you go there and laugh at anyone who bought oranges because they got magically "tricked" ?

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    1.2m annual pass doesn't count because most players buy it for the diablo 3 and the mount plus the beta access. I we all know blizzard can public what ever his like so its not 100% true.

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    It's sad that the subscriber base is stable at 10.2mil yet Blizz wont even consider servers based in Aus because of the costs. >_>

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    Quote Originally Posted by DreamCast View Post
    142 actually. Guess I shouldn't be so hard on others. My emotional IQ is probably under 100
    No genious then on the IQ scale, not sure why you're trying to act all superior really. You're basically bashing people and calling them imbeciles for liking a game you don't? I wouldn't call that intelligent at all. I'd call that narrow-minded and childish.
    Ever noticed how it seems impossible to make Classic sound good, without first attempting to make current WoW sound bad?

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    another 3 years of WoW confirmed! I like!

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    Gee, what do you know... they go from relatively difficult heroics and inaccessible raids to much more accessible heroics and raids and people tend to stick around. Are there still people who think the subscriber loss was because the game got too "easy"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Somebodyelse View Post
    lol of course it's stable...they tricked a million users with the annual pass to stop bleeding subs.........
    So, why didn't the other 9 million leave?
    ~Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.~

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    In response to all the fanbois' glee at their god not losing worshippers:

    My like or dislike of WoW isn't based on how many other people are still forking out for a monthly sub. I don't like where the game has gone, and I don't think it's as good as it used to be, although MoP is at least showing some promise of being better than Cataclysm. The only reason I'm at all disappointed to not see sub numbers dropping further is because I think it lowers the chances Activision-Blizzard will take the game in a direction I might enjoy in the future.

    For those of you who do think the quality of gaming experience is measured solely by number of players, I suggest you check out Super Mario Bros. and Kinect Adventures.

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    So, what exactly changed in the last 3 months ? Right, nothing.

    - We've seen the MoP beta which caused a massive hype and should have increased the subs, didn't happen though.
    - People that had the annual pass still have it.
    - People that could stand 4.3 to begin with probably still can.

    So sorry to tell you guys, take the hands out of your pants, because you didn't win either.

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