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    Solo classes

    Hey all,

    I still consider myself a noob when it comes to MMOs, even though i have played a few and even have reached max level, just i don't tend to stick around after i hit max level and i always seem to look for help on how i should build my character and what rotations i should be using.
    Anyway, i just recently bought Rift, and World of Warcraft but i guess i'll be asking again later, and i wanted to know what classes solo. I am not asking for the best, overpowered, or even the fastest leveling, i am purely asking what classes solo and a bit of in-depth to them, though mentioning something solos slow would be a plus, but if it solos slow it might solo bigger baddies
    I jumped into the game and really didn't get far, i played most of the callings, i thought i had chosen but when i researched i heard that Pyromancer was more of a PVP calling. I have heard what other classes make good soloists, but the threads i was looking at date back to last year.
    What was mentioned; Cabalist, Druid, Inquisitor, Elementalist, Necromancer, Assassin, Bladedancer, Marksman, Beastmaster, and Champion. There was also this other site that mentioned what calling works for soloing and what works for leveling, what's the difference there?
    I'm not interested in the warrior type classes, been there, done that. So i am certainly looking at a mage/range class, but i just need a little bit more to go on.

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    All classes can solo. Cleric and Rogue do it far better than Warrior or Mage. Most MMOs are bimodal. Meaning what you do from level 1 till the penultimate level limit is not what you do at the level cap. So yea, they kinda don't make MMOs anymore where a certain class can not solo effectively. At least not since EQ1.

    Cleric in the popular "Duracell" builds is the easiest and strongest soloing class. A Duracell build is Point in the tanking tree of Justicar combined with Shaman or Inquisitor. However, almost any combination of souls can solo if you'd like to ind a a more personal style.

    Rogue "Cuisinart" builds are perhaps quicker soloers than Clerics but about as good all the same. Basically points in Riftstalker and some hard hitting soul- Bladedance or Marksman, for example.

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    Best Rogue Soloing spec I've run across:

    Best Cleric Soloing spec I've run across:

    Mage is tougher, but try this, it worked for me. You can solo chronicles with this spec easily, its just not as fast as with cleric/rogue:

    Warrior has alot of good soloing specs but it usually moves at a slower pace. I've used this one on the PTS and its quite fast and has great AOE.

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    I usually go for the pet souls when leveling/soloing. I leveled my mage to 50 with an elementalist/chloromancer/stormcaller build (though different than the one Khelendros linked). Leveled my warrior in a paladin/warlord/reaver build to 50 as well. My rogue is ranger/saboteur/assassin, at level 24. My cleric is still level 7, and am going with a druid/warden/justicar build. I find it easiest to level/solo with a pet soul, or tank soul. My mage would have died many a horrible death if not for his earth elemental tank pet and the chloromancer healings. I solo'd the Greenscale and River of Souls chronicles with his elementalist/chloromancer/warlock build (got rid of stormcaller and subbed warlock), just spamming vile spores and ruin for damage. It's not the quickest, but its able to survive, and that's all I care about when doing things on my own. Being able to survive.

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    I'm still pretty new to the game, but I would go with some sort of rogue. They are probably the most versatile class. You can be ranged, with or without a pet, in your face melee DPS or tank, stealthy melee DPS, AoE/PvP awesomeness with Sabotuer or support(buffs/some healing/debuffs/some damage) with bard. Clerics have a lot of versatility too as they can be ranged/melee/healer.

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    I was using Necromancer/Warlock/Chloromance, for leveling my mage.

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    For solo I recommend a pet class.

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    Warriors and Clerics are phenomenal soloers.

    My Warrior is about 80% T1 Raid geared and doesn't have a specific set of gear for soloing.
    I can pull almost an infinite amount of normal or elite mobs and my self heals keep me up.

    In contrast, my fully BiS HK geared Mage with several pieces of ID gear, several hundred more PA levels and with a gear setup specifically designed for soloing cannot pull more than 4-5 normal mobs in Ember Isle without getting my arse handed to me. The difference is a freaking joke.

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    Pet class is definitely a easy way to go. I've both played a hunter and a warlock and I find them very easy to solo with. Perhaps the warlock is a better match for you, since you're looking for a mage or ranged type of class, which warlock fits warlock quite well.

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    Yep, pretty much agree with that.

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