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    [Arena] Rogue - Help?

    Hello there guys. Iv recently started up a rogue again due to guild moving server, its been a good old year and a half maybe two now for rogue. It dinged about 1/2 months ago 85, and now im doing arena's for the past weeks for conq cap.

    The problem i have is that, well i really dont know, to me it seems as sublety i dont do enough damage.. and my damage really sucks, i cant even kill a healer. Im doing everything right, getting as many backstabs in as possible, hemo, eviscerating, and interupting/stunning when its 100% appropriate. Is there something im missing or what? I see alot of rogues high rated but im struggling really bad.

    Example: I was with a friend holy pala in 2v2. We got against a frostmage / disc priest. I get priest to 50% by critting, then thats it, my damage just has bad RNG and hits bulls**t amounts.

    Iv played at 2.2k rated before on my old rogue, but that was nearly 2 years ago i believe. Im not rusty in what to do, its just it seems im doing something wrong as my damage sucks alot.

    I wish assass was viable in arena, but iv tried it, yeah i can do truckloads of damage and huge burst with cooldowns, but its no good for mobility / survival as most of you know :3.

    My armoury: Carm - Twisting Nether

    NOTE: I know im not fully enchanted, and my gear isnt that great great. But its enough atleast.. i know people
    with 0 chants and worse gear, but they are at 1800 rating. (idk why they dont enchant at that bracket..)

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    1. Are you keeping the hemo bleed up for 16% more damage?
    2. Is recuperate up all the time for the energy regen?
    3. Are you using Slice and Dice?
    4. Are you pooling your energy before a dance?

    Your in PvE gear on armory so I can't comment on that. However your spec is really wierd. For some reason you use Serrated Blades, are you actually using rupture? If so stop doing that immediately. That one point in Initiative is also a waste of talent points. Take away those 3 points and put them in Puncturing Wounds.

    Nightstalker is not a good talent either since you won't really be in stealth that often. Take the two points from that and put them into Waylay.

    EDIT: Switch Glyph of Sprint for Glyph of Preperation.

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