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    Microsoft Office Starter repair - it won't work!

    Okay, so my Microsoft Office Starter 2010 is refusing to start, and I have no idea what to do. I'm trying to open a Word document and I get an error message saying it could not be started and asking me to try again later or repair the product in the Control Panel.

    I googled the problem and found some replies that seemed helpful. I went to the Control Panel -> Program -> Program and functions -> left click on Microsoft Office Starter 2010 and choose "change". However I'm stopped here before the repair can run because it tells me I am not connected to the internet - at the same time as I'm browsing websites and typing this.

    I've tried restarting my computer several times, reconnecting to the internet, restarting the router, googling some more, and now I'm out of ideas. If it's the only way I can fix the problem I can uninstall it and try to install it again of course.

    I'm rather clueless when it comes to computers and how to fix these problems. I use Windows 7, please let me know if there's anything else I should add that would make the problem easier to solve. Thanks!
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    I can't say from experience with the product, but if your internet browsers can connect but selected applications cannot then that sounds like a firewall or some other security software is limiting or blocking the internet connection.
    Try disabling those if you can, the built-in windows firewall or a 3rd party product if you are using any.

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    I'll give that a try, thanks!

    Meh, that didn't seem to help. :/
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