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    Mexyragos [Bio]

    Name: Mexyragos (sometimes called "Mex" amongst the lesser races)
    Age: Unknown, but he has lived to see the War of the Ancients, the First War, Second War, Third War and so on
    Race: Blue Dragon
    Gender: Male
    Class: N/A ((Idk if dragons have a class lol))

    Languages: Draconic, Common, Thalassian

    Faction: The Blue Dragonflight, Malygos (formerly)

    Personality: Mexyragos is a very stuck-up dragon, who holds much pride upon his kind. He believes, like many others, that the Blue Dragonflight is superior to all else, and because of this has very few friends among his own kind, save for the other blues that think as he does. He is quick to anger, and does not often think before he acts, nor does he think upon his actions afterwards.

    Likes/Dislikes: Mexyragos loves the cold, and spends much of his time in Coldarra, deep within Northrend. Often though he mingles among the lesser races in the appearance of a human. He hates those that believe themselves better, and fire, thus further alienating himself from the Red Dragonflight.

    Appearance: In his draconic form, Mexyragos is of average size, with sapphire scales and a huge, nasty scar running across his scaly visage. In his human form, he has shaggy blue hair and a broad chest. He further intimidates mortals, as the scar that cuts across his draconic form's maw also ruins the once-handsome face of his human form.

    Strengths/Weaknesses: Mexyragos's most powerful abilities are directing icy attacks towards his enemies. He can also call forth many frost elementals, and has limited access to other spells. He can also cast many different spells in his human form. Due to his rash personality and stubborn pride in his flight, he is susceptible to taunts and is easily swayed and seduced by darker powers. It is also because of this that he has a determination unmatched and does not give up.

    History: ((I don't have much of one yet, but when I get one going it will involve much of his life before Kalecgos was made Aspect of Magic, and also when Malygos was still alive, (ect. during the Nexus War and Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects) ))

    ((This is my first Bio that isn't on a playable character, so feel free to toss out whatever criticism you guys want. He is a stuck-up dragon, after all. ))
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    One thing to keep in mind as far as the age goes is that Illidan was killed off only 4-5 years ago according to this timeline. So yeah, saying he's lived to see both Illidan and Arthas die isn't really significant.

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    Thank you for reminding me about that little tidbit of info.
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