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    Trelvan Goldfeather [BIO]

    Name: Trelvan Goldfeather
    Age: 173
    Race: Blood Elf
    Gender: Male
    Class: Arena Master

    Languages: Thalassian, Orcish.

    Faction: Horde

    Personality: He has a very egotistical attitude, not caring much for other's safety or feelings. He only cares about those who are like him, or at least agree with his view upon life. During the arena fights, he stays silent, and keeps a straight face.

    Likes/Dislikes: He likes long fights, the longer, the more violence. He just, basically, anything that has to do with legal violence. He absolutely hates anyone who has a different opinion then him and talks to him about it. It's not that he doesn't share the other's opinion, he's fine with that, he just doesn't like it when they get in his face about it.

    Appearance: He wears a Gold-studded Tuxedo with a Grand Arena Master's Badge. His pants are Red-Lined Black Pants, he carries a medium-length Diamond-Tipped Staff. He wears a Black Long-Rimmed Hat, with a Gold Feather, and his name signed on it, in case it ever gets lost.

    Strengths/Weaknesses: Although he rarely ever fights, he knows quite a lot about about Fighting. His majors are in Fist and Sword fighting. His weapon of choice would be a Sharp Samurai Blade, for it is slick and easy to carry, and still is very powerful. His weakness is, although he speaks big, he is somewhat of a coward. A sword fight is fine, just as long as the opponents sword isn't so big it could kill him instantly. So, his slight cowardism is a weakness.

    History: Trelvan was abandoned at birth, his parents, presumably, couldn't handle having a child and left him at an Orphanage. Some Orcs later adopted him, they said they wanted to be different, and not have a Orc Child. His father trained him to be a fierce warrior, and trained him in both Unarmed and Sword combat. His first blade was, obviously, a Samurai Blade. He joined the Silvermoon Army, but later quit since he thought his ways were slow and it wasn't enough action for him. He wanted to kill people without taking a year to plan a strategy. One day, his parents took him on a Trip to Stranglethorn, and he found the Gurubashi Arena, and watched some fights. Then he realized how to fulfill his lust for bloodbath: An Arena. Where people could watch other kill each other and it being legal! Trelvan then ran to the Regent Lord of Silvermoon and requested an Arena be built in Silvermoon. The Lord denied his request, he said it was too violent for their peaceful land. Trelvan then offered to put it near Silvermoon, but not in it, but the Regent Lord, again, denied. Trelvan thought of other places, and then he knew where he should make the Arena. Orgrimmar! They loved war and bloodshed, there would be no chance they would deny his request, and he was right, Garrosh loved the idea and gave him the gold required to build the Arena, full with crew. After a couple months of construction, the Arena was complete, and Trelvan started making posters. The first night was a success, and the night after that, and the night after that. It soon became well-known in Orgrimmar, and they soon expanded into a worldwide business, although mostly staying in Orgrimmar, they had ads in Silvermoon, Undercity, Thunder Bluff, and, of course, Orgrimmar. Trelvan was getting paid to do what he loves, watch people kill themselves over a prize, and he liked it that way.
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    Just noticed this, a 34 year old blood elf is VERY young; he should be much older. (Check out wowpedia for adult ages fro races.) Also, you may want to add some more interests than just fighting, maybe a profession, this will make your arena master a much more interesting character. He needs some dimension, don't make him cut and dry. I look forward to seeing his history. A final note, your signature is rude and makes me sad, I like people recognizing me talking :P

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    Well I think the (Human Years) suggest he means mature as an 35 years old human. That would put him somewhere between 180-200 years I think.
    Not really much more to say, without a full history really. The character has potential, if you give him a well flehed out and detailed background.

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    I, too, can see a lot of potential for this character. Especially being an Arena Master, that means he'd have a hard, bloody background (something like Varian Wrynn/Lo'Gosh) which could possibly be very interesting indeed.
    I, for one, look forward to seeing what this character's history evolves in to.
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