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    Realms with even A:H ratio

    Just post which realms you guys think have even horde to alliance ratio. I've been considering KJ but any other recommendations would be awesome too. This is for US servers. Go ahead and post EU as well in case people might be looking for that.

    I'm hoping that with account wide achievements comes the ability to mail heirlooms across realms so I can level on a new one without it being too much of a headache. Worse comes to worst I'd transfer my main to another realm. I want an active realm where I'll see a lot of PvP while leveling up in MoP as well as plenty of at least mediocre rbg or arena teams I could get into.

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    Mal'Ganis is approx 50/50

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    Quote Originally Posted by fierywinter View Post
    Mal'Ganis is approx 50/50
    Yeah. 50% horde, 50% not alliance
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    Defias brotherhood-EU, the amount of 85's is 50/50 according to wowcensus.

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    It isn't much of a guessing game...


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