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    Best leveling spec?

    I'm in completely full Heirloom, including both Trinkets. Not sure which to choose.
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    No spec is the best, especially with heirloom gear. Nothing will challenge you so no spec will be better or worse than the next.

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    well most say demo is bedst but i have been lvling to 63 as destro and it works just fine.

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    Demonology helps with the use of a Voidwalker at early levels, I always leveled Affliction, but I think Destro is a bit more gear-oriented. Pick one you like, learn it, love it. You can always swap around while leveling to find what you like best. Any of the 3 should work fine while leveling.

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    If you want to level mainly through lfr, go destro until lvl 67, demo then.
    If you want to level solo, go demo until lvl 80, then you can choose between demo and affliction.

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    Take the one you want to play on max level. Went fine for me (Affliction) - although I tried out the other specs, only finding me going back to Affliction.

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    If you are on pvp realm, go demo unless you want to be dead meat. Felguard stun into whirlwind is devastating on low level.

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    on a PVE realm i alway found Aff fun and fast idk it the way i lev 1 to 85

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    Affliction right up until level 69 then go Destruction. (in my opinion)

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    Im currently leveling a warlock and have been destro since the beginning. I tried some affli around 55 or so but quickly changed back to destro. Its just my weapon of choice! Works very well in LFR, questing and PVP too. Im currently 65 and mobs go down like flies.

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    i lvled as Destro.

    As soon as you get Soulfire, everything dies easily. Hardcast Soulfire twice and everything is dead.

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    affliction was the one for me, dot, dot, dot tab, dot, dot, dot tab, dot, dot, dot tab, drain life, loot, lifetap, repeat.

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