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    As a matter of fact, you already replied to my D3 beta gripes.
    Ah, I see. Don't really notice names. I am a compulsive "What's New" clicker.

    Pretty flimsy charges of bad VO [they got some of the best VO actors/fan favorites] though.

    OT: Anet don't give a flip about vacation days. Deal with it.

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    Maybe they don't have enough time to do it on an appropriate day because the next BWE is later that week? Idk...I kinda believe that, and kinda don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supersomething View Post
    I like how we went from talking about the day picked for the stress test to talking about D3 and Dungeon Siege...
    I don't

    Lets get back on topic and stay away from bashing other games please.

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    Perfect time for us in Europe Too bad it's just for a few hours... What am I going to do after this fix?

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    for the diablo 3 point - 8pm you can start to install the client (encrypt) so you can start to play when server is open

    but i dont think arenanet care about

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guild Wars 2 Twitter
    The Stress Test occurs during European prime time hours and a big portion of Eastern Time US prime hours. :-) ^RB
    Straight from Twitter

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    7pm to 2am here. Its Perfect, I don't understand what your complaining about

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    They would want to have people at work, to try to handle upcoming issues as they show... makes sense to me

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    They dont need it to be on prime time. They just lower the amount of servers available if the estimated playerbase is less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falkman View Post
    Clearly the entire world shares working hours with the US west coast.

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    lol remember there are plenty of different times in the world... Europe's times will be around 20.00-03.00

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    Clearly ANet doesn't know what they're doing so we, the real experts, need to tell them how to go about things properly.

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    I don't think it's the time frame as much as the amount of hours. I live in cali, and anyone with a 9-5 will miss out on the entire stress test, and since the west coast does have a pretty large population you would think it'd be helpful to add them to the numbers. They should have just increased the amount of time the test lasts by 3 hours or something.

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    It's due to diablo... i'm almost certain!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iamcute View Post
    lol remember there are plenty of different times in the world... Europe's times will be around 20.00-03.00
    for me living in sweden, it couldent be a more perfect time

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    Quote Originally Posted by xStandeR View Post
    It's due to diablo... i'm almost certain!
    "Screw your midnight launch Blizzard! We got people playing our laggy, unfinished game over that! Your move..."

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