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    On beta the 4set is already changed to a 5% damage increase to certain spells instead of the soul burn soulfire SP proc. If they change the 4set there really will be no meat left on the bone for players that remain capped at 85. The T13 set really brought warlocks back to life in cata level content. I just remember clicking Potions flamecap doomguard and gear macro before a pull felt like i was a thief. And it is still working now. Lets not forget that everyone else will still have their 4 set questing thru 86 but a lock will have gear with gemslots. This will come up alot since you can farm the set bonus in lfr.

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    Speaking of old set bonuses in MoP, if you don't mind the huge loss of stats, using the T5 2p bonus with Soul Link on grants you 16.5% of your damage into healing, which turns out to be the best self-healing tool you can have
    Soloing as a warlock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smegdawg View Post
    I don't even begin to understand WoWdb and spell id's
    But how is this spell the same as this spell?
    Spells are stored in a database, when a spell is referred to in game it uses a spell ID that tells the game where to look in the database.
    As long as Mortal Coil is stored in the space Death Coil used to occupy, anything that used to reference Death Coil will now reference Mortal Coil.

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