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    MoP Warlock Rotations

    Just so we can have them all in one place (spent ages yesterday scouring threads but couldn't find them), could someone please post the current warlock rotations for each spec on the beta? Cheers in advance!

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    I've been thinking, and... Rotation is -really- far from where Warlocks are now. Even the semi rotation priority we used in Cata doesn't seem to suit, we're more instinct based now (especially Demo) where one must make judgements on how to use resources efficiently, and writing the following from my own flawed knowledge made me realise how hard it is to describe Warlock rotations come Mists... Of course, I'm not the greatest Warlock in the world so maybe I'm mistaken in quite a few things, if I am I apologise.

    Not including cooldowns, this is what I gather (single target Patchwerk of course, will differ depending on mechanics), the standard "keep CoE up", etc apply:

    Keep Unstable Affliciton, Corruption and Bane of Agony up at all times, Haunt up when permitted by shards and Nightfall procs. When all up, use Malefic Grasp if over 25% health, or Drain Soul beneath 25% or for when you've gone past the 5 shards per minute limit on Nightfall and need to refill your shards. Not much else that can be said IIRC. Afflicition is the closest in rotation to live, whether that be by having a resource that needs minimal involvement in single target scenarios (I can forsee interesting ways to keep Haunt in multiple mob situations) or that Soul Shards are more to be limited by utility (especially in PvP environments). From a glance, I can forsee Affliction's "difficulty" factor to be keeping up DoTs, and Malefic Grasp to have 100% faster tick speed to gain the shards from Nightfall to use Haunt as often as possible. EDIT: Offtopic: To me, Malefic Grasp always make the DoT icons look like Benny Hill extras.

    Keep Corruption and Hand of Gul'Dan up, Soul Fire when Molten Core and/or Decimation procs, and Shadow Bolt for filler when Decimation does not proc. Meta at 1000 DF, where you can use Doom and Hand of Chaos, and the same fillers (SB turns into Demonic Slash). Not quite sure when you should leave Meta, probably left for a better theorycrafter than myself, (I believe common parlance pre-current build was to leave at 500 if burst is not needed, or 0 when burst is needed) and there is talk about "stance weaving" where one enters Meta simply for Doom/HoC uptime, but I personally do not believe it will end like this on live.

    Important to note: Mana is more akin to energy for Destro with it's new recharge rate, you are limited by Embers, not Mana. Keep Immolate up, and use Conflagrate on cooldown for backlash, the extra burst for incinerate. Incinerate builds up Embers, which you use for Chaos Bolt (or Ember Tap if really needed, like in some PvP situations). The idea in theory is that you use incinerate to build up embers, and when you need to rebuild your mana you use the mana-free CB to allow it to rebuild. In my experience you may or may not run out of mana before you get three/four Embers. This might be crucial in certain fights where the boss is shielded and non-burst vital mobs appear, in theory you can incinerate the mobs till kingdom come and you gain three/four embers, and use that on the boss when s/he unshields, but again, this is a poor girl's theory that has not been tested.
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    Only thing I'd like to add to queen ultima's post is that fel flame should for sure be part of your rotation now. The time it adds to dots stacks up to 30 seconds, and it does a decent amount of damage, so I'd definitely consider it worth it.

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    I think that drain soul is 20% now.

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