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    Blood Fear - New animation, reduced health cost.

    Here's the new Blood Fear :3. What do you guys think about the changes?

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    Bubbles, it is bubbles

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    The way it is, fearing whoever or whatever hits you next, blood fear really isn't going to fulfill the roll of a 'defensive' fear like Blizzard states. I would like to see it target-able... Something like a debuff you apply to the target, that will cause the target to be feared if they attack you. A shorter duration than 1 min, say 5 seconds or so, and this spell could be useful, and not overpowered.

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    Well I think the animation looks really neat.

    It's at least usable now - not great, but usable instead of the middle finger we got with it's prior version.

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    Now cost 5% of your health.

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    Will it ignore stuff like stampede pets or army of the dead? With the abundance of pets every class has + all the fear immunities melee have it still seems like a fairly pointless spell.

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    Well at least there's a reduced health cost, gotta thank them for that! But yeah, fear is by far the worst type of CC to get melee off your back. It should be changed to horror, then the talent would actually be useful.

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    finally we get some blood spells like we should be

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    The animation is not to bad, but I still don't like the spell.
    Unless it ignores pets, works on ranged/spells and becomes a horror, it still will be less useful then burning rush and unbound will.

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