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    [Music] Make up your own "Best of" compilations of your favorite bands here

    Fun idea I think, if you were the person in charge of putting together a best of compilation album for some of your favorite bands, which bands would they be and what would the track list be?

    Could also post like, a best of (insert genre) here with multiple bands if you want, that'd be an amusing read too

    I'll start with a few

    The Best Of : Metallica
    -Disc 1-

    1.The Four Horsemen
    2.Seek & Destroy
    3.For Whom The Bell Tolls
    4.Fade To Black
    5.Trapped Under Ice
    6.Creeping Death
    7.Master Of Puppets
    8.Disposable Heroes
    9.Leper Messiah
    10.Damage Inc.
    12....And Justice For All
    14.Dyers Eve
    -Disc 2-
    15.Enter Sandman
    16.Wherever I may Roam
    17.Nothing Else Matters
    18.Untill it Sleeps
    19.King Nothing
    21.St. Anger
    22.The Day That Never Comes
    24.The Unforgiven
    25.The Unforgiven ll
    26.The Unforgiven lll

    The Best Of : Death
    -Disc 1-

    1.Zombie Ritual
    2.Denial Of Life
    3.Evil Dead
    4.Scream Bloody Gore
    6.Left To die
    7.Pull The Plug
    8.Open Casket
    9.Living Monstrosity
    10.Spiritual Healing
    11.Killing Spree
    -Disc 2-
    12.Suicide Machine
    13.Together as One
    14.Lack of Comprehension
    15.Overactive Imagination
    16.In Human Form
    17.Mentally Blind
    18.The Philosopher
    20.Empty Words
    21.1,000 Eyes
    22.Without Judgement
    23.Crystal Mountain
    24.Bite The Pain
    25.Spirit Crusher
    26.To Forgive Is To Suffer

    The Best Of : Children Of Bodom
    -Disc 1-

    1.Lake Bodom
    2.The Nail
    3.Bed of Razors
    4.Black Widow
    6.Follow The Reaper
    7.Bodom After Midnight
    8.Hate Me
    9.Kissing The Shadows
    10.Needled 24/7
    11.Bodom Beach Terror
    12.Angels Don't Kill
    -Disc 2-
    13.Are you dead yet?
    14.If you want peace prepare for war
    15.Thrashed lost & strungout
    17.Tie My Rope
    18.Done with everything, die for nothing
    19.Banned from heaven
    20.Roundtrip to hell & back
    21.Pussyfoot Miss Suicide
    23.Was it worth it?
    24.Northpole Throwdown
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    Pearl Jam
    -Disc 1-

    1. Given to Fly
    2. Jeremy
    3. Yellow Ledbetter
    4. Breath
    5. Rise (Eddie Vedder)
    6. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
    7. Footsteps
    8. State Of Love And Trust
    9. Nothingman
    10. Better Man
    11. Dissident
    12. World Wide Suicide
    -Disc 2-
    1. Can't Keep
    2. Do the Evolution
    3. Lukin
    4. Alive
    5. The Fixer
    6. Black
    7. Daughter
    8. All those Yesterdays
    9. Down
    10. Release
    11. Blood
    12. Baba O'Riley (live cover)
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    Nice idea.

    Girls' Generation

    -Disc 1-
    1. Run Devil Run
    2. OH!
    3. Gee
    4. Hoot
    5. Into the New World.
    6. The boys (Kor. Ver.)
    7. Genie
    8. Way to go
    9. Fun & Fun (Sweet talking baby)
    10. I'm in love with the hero
    11. The Great Escape
    12. Beautiful Stranger
    -Disc 2-
    1. Star Star Star
    2. Let it rain
    3. Dear Mom
    4. Tears
    5. Time Machine
    6. Top Secret
    7. Oscar
    8. Trick
    9. Ooh La La
    10. Complete
    11. Forever
    12. Bad Girl

    Bonus tracks (never before appeared on their albums)
    1. Cabi
    2. S.E.O.U.L

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