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    After watching the vid i did wanna do some Pet battles, but the training required level 90 now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anarkie View Post
    dam, every time I see an update for the pet battle system I cross my fingers its going to say "We are removing the pet battle system, as it's an awful concept". But alas another disappointing post.
    Mark this day on your calendar. For this is the day when no f***s were given.

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    starts at 4PM my ass, waiting half an hour already

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    So does this mean pet battles are enabled on the beta for testing now? Or is this still data-mined stuff?

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    Priest set looks so amazing

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    The competition was great. I hope they do some 10m competitions. The fights can turn out much differently on 10m so I think it would be interesting to watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Izzykizzy View Post
    How is it even a charity event if they are going to win prize money for what they do? A charity event means all money goes to a good cause. I bet none of those participating guilds could give a rats ass about children's rights anywhere and are just in it for the fame + prize money. Also, Athene is just annoyingly obnoxious and likewise will do anything to keep his 'popularity'. This whole thing is just so doublesided its making me sick to my stomach.
    Eh, I have been in plenty of charity golf tournaments and most have some way for the participants to win something. Some have a hole-in-one thing for a certain hole where you can win a car. Others have a closest to the cup contest for a given hole where the person gets $100 or something like that.

    Even charity 5k runs usually give a prize to the top runners by age group. Heh.. I know I won one when I was in the army (and did a run in my gfriends hometwon) and got a $50 gift card for Applebys.

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    Whoah! That Black Market looks sweet! But I will NEVER be able to afford any of it. As I am eternally broke.

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    Im curious to see since the priests have their spell book as they're belt, hopefully paladins will finally have Seals visible to their belts. Been waiting for this for a long time!

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    Black Market will just encourage gold selling....bleh. My servers are already full of players buying gold as you don't throw 70k gold left and right my just doing dailies, playing AH and farming (boting i guess in that case) stuff..

    It's a shame. Hope they make it Real Money AH as in D3. That way they cut the road for cheaters

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    Black Market looks great, but as other have said it increase gold farmer's sales.

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