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    Bloodsail Admiral
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    Dec 2010
    Minnesota eh
    Battle Tag:Happylol#1310
    Softcore/Hardcore: Softcore
    Difficulty/Act:Inferno Act2

    Experienced(15+ year) gamer LF Inferno groups for Act2+ and unicorn level. Have been clearing it with other friends but I am left behind some days.

    Wizard- 35k HP, 43k damage.

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    Btag: kwon#1644
    Region: US
    Difficulty: Inferno Diablo

    LF at least one solid dpser to work with me on Diablo inferno. east coast evenings. also to farm act 3 and 4 on off nights. Monk, 55k hp, 650 resists. Must have skype and have done all Inferno bosses prior to the big girl/man/thing diablo.

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    Btag: Insanejames#1670
    Region: US
    Difficulty: Inferno Act 1/2 Completed (both solo'd)

    Looking for a solid tank and possibly 1 more to progress through Inferno Act 3/4 up to and finishing diablo. Also farming runs.
    300+ resist 21k Hp 40k DPS Wizard
    I want to have a child and use it as a pulling tool in dungeons.

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    High Overlord nafz's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    Up for: Inferno Diablo, Act 3 or 4 farming

    DH 57k without ss 145k with SS.

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    US Softcore
    Up to Hell Level 58 Wizard

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    Looking for a hardcore partner. I've killed softcore inferno diablo on my demon hunter

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    Btag: Ravendale#1770
    Region: US
    Difficulty: Inferno Act 1 (Farm, butcher runs etc), Act 2 progression.

    Really looking for someone/something to do the damage while I let the monsters beat on my face.
    60 monk, 530 resist, 5200 armor, 24k HP, about a total of 90% DR from resists and armor ((1-(1-DRresist)*(1-DRarmor))). Mantra is up for discussion on preference of partner.

    I usually play periodically throughout the day, though recently due to lacking serious damage of my own I've been rather stagnant in my playing, looking to get back into it without spending years on every mob.
    Rogue from 2004-Summer 2005
    Pally from Summer 2005-WOTLK Release
    DK tank, All WOTLK including HLK.
    DK DPS, Heroic Firelands... Didn't raid Tier 11, or normal mode Firelands
    Formerly of Medivh-US

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    Btag: Moist#6135
    Region: US
    Difficulty: Inferno a3/4 (depending on the below)

    I'm looking for a range of partners for 2-man farming. I work kinda weird hours, so I'm on at all sorts of times, so I can generally play on and off with anyone (US tho, the default for Aussie players).

    I play a barbarian, 60k health, 9k armor, 900++ resists, High block (Stormshield + HoC),14k dps with a decent amount of LoH and passive regen. I play a variety of skillsets depending on what I am farming, or for the luls, but generally stick to a cookie cutter full tank build when playing with a DH where my ability to survive is paramount over dps, or a Wrath or Wrath/Quake build otherwise.

    Generally I just farm Siegebreaker (5 stack NV ofc) solo because it's dead easy, but I've been toying with the idea of running a double melee team of barb/monk, as I have seen so far they compliment each other well, and from what I have seen make a near unkillable combo if done right. I haven't tested this yet, but playing with some mates and boosting random monks they have found a massive boost that seems to extend beyond the 20% armor/50% resists on paper. I would primarily run this in Act 3, either SB runs, or longer SB > Azmodan runs until comfortable with it.

    I am also willing to meatshield for any high-tier glass cannon demon hunters tired of corpse running to kill elite packs in act 4. Same offer goes for Whimsyshire, but I find act 4 easier generally.

    Not looking to carry, or be carried, just looking for a more efficient way of doing things. But if anyone is interested, or has any constructive input into the subject, post your battletag or contact me ingame and w/e and we can go from there.

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    Looking for a Inferno geared player (tank preferably) that can help me out with Inferno Diablo, i'm a 53k dps DH.
    Region: EU

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    Battle Tag: Zeric#2922
    Region: (EU)
    Softcore/Hardcore: Softcore

    Playing Demon Hunter / Barbarian

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    Need Azmodan Hardcore Inferno checkpoint, EU.

    Message for info/battletag thanks

    Can pay if needed!

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    The AMERICAS Servers ///SC SoftCore Players

    Hello! I am looking for people to do Acts 1 2 3 & 4 Inferno Farm runs & Expand a Ventrilo Community of Diablo 3 players.

    Our Current Focal Point is Expanding Our Community of Diablo 3 Player's To have a New and Enticing Experience for everyone.

    We Are Currently at 30 Active Players doing Farm runs & much more.
    UPDATE 1!:We Are Currently at 65! Active Players doing Farm runs & much more.
    UPDATE 2!:We Are Currently at 70! Active Players doing Farm runs & much more.
    UPDATE 3!:We Are Currently at 90! Active Players doing Farm runs & much more.

    Things coming soon to this community:
    Weekly pop quiz Diablo Lore questions for gold
    In-depth Character Community help Videos
    Community Managers
    Live Streams

    1. Be willing to use Ventrilo
    2. Have a Working Mic
    3. Have a Passion for Diablo 3 or The Diablo Series

    Currently looking for:

    Soft-core Players Casual and full-timers alike
    Players Capable of Handling Act 1-4 Inferno Decently
    Players with a Microphone & knows how to use Ventrilo
    Players who do not have a Huge EGO or bad attitude
    Players who Enjoy Diablo 3 & farming
    Players that are Capable of working as a Team to further their self and a Small group
    Players who Enjoy Leveling & Story Lore
    Players New to Diablo Series

    If interested in anything listed here, Shoot me a friend Request so I can get you involved into the community! Battletag: Zoe#1380

    NOTE 1: Please Add Me Ingame, Posting your Battletag here will not get you a Friend Requests from me. ( I Have 33 other Threads of people asking me to add them, Half are not Online usually )
    NOTE 2: Please Do Not Ask me if a Microphone is Required, It is already stated above in Requirements.
    NOTE 3: Please Do Not Ask me If Ventrilo is Required, It is already stated above in Requirements.
    NOTE 4: If I remove you from my Friends List it is because it's to make Room for other Friend Requests. Blizzard has 100 Friend Limit & it is Very Annoying. So if i miss you Online or Something happens and Your not on Ventrilo yet, Please re-add me!
    NOTE 5: Please Do not Suggest we use Skype, Mumble, TeamSpeak, ooVoo. We Use Ventrilo As stated Above.

    - Zoe#1380
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    Battle Tag:Aswizzle#1549

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    Mechagnome Rec's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    Battle Tag: Rec#1887
    Region: US
    Hardcore/Softcore: Softcore
    Difficulty: Act 3 paragon level farm

    PL12 as of August 22nd, 100k DPS wizard LF 80k+ DPS, or 40k+ DPS tank to blast through paragon levels. Farm route takes up a little over half of act 3, includes 2 bosses. Please send me a message in game, I do not check this thread often. : )
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    Epic! Raxxed's Avatar
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    Jul 2011
    Auckland, New Zealand

    The 'Help' Thread

    Hello all,

    With the introduction of Paragon levels i've had a slight incentive to start playing the game again.

    Fortunately i'm not insane enough to simply grind out the levels (which would take MONTHS non-stop).

    So i've decided to just chip away at it slowly, helping people out in the process.

    Basically, if anyone needs help with anything inferno, I'll gladly help you out. Whether it be a tricky elite pack, or you want me to kill Diablo for you, i'll gladly help you out. Just add my battletag Raxxed#1332 and I'll help you out with anything you need.

    Note that this is only for inferno, I can't stand arbitrary grind of Normal/NM/Hell - and on US SOFTCORE servers.

    Don't be shy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by judgementofantonidas View Post
    Blizzard offered cardboard cut outs with poster pictures of bosses stapled on them upside down and sideways and many players now feel that is raiding.

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    Hello peoples.

    Currently grinding out Paragon levels, I play public games with my DH, at level 24 now, but curious if there's anyone out there who might like to team up. Sometimes random groups just suck, and it's rather lonely!

    Anyway, if anyone out there wants to team up, let me know. I play quite casually, more for fun than for racing to grind as efficiently as possible.

    Region: EU
    Core: Softcore
    Difficulty: Act III Paragon farm
    Battletag: Sejavictrix#2261

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    60 Monk Paragon level 8 soon LF EU Act 3 farm.

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    Act3 farming
    Us server

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    The Capable Dacien's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    Southern California
    US Region
    Act3 farming

    80k meteor wiz, lf people at the same gear level as me to farm Act3. My build's fun, but really needs a tank. Or I need more Vit =/

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    Sep 2012

    Asking for your help! :)

    Hey guys, just made my account on these forums so forgive me if i'm posting in the wrong section. Just wondering if I can get a hell rush from act 1 to act 3, trying to get my 52 barb to 60 today and planning on doing arreat crater runs.

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