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    MMOC Diablo 3 Matchmaking / LFG thread

    I know people are anxious to get prepared for D3 release, so feel free to post here if you're looking for people to play with!

    Feel free to post your BattleTag, but no realID emails!

    It will help others to find you if you use the following template (copy/paste and add your details):

    [B]Battle Tag[/B]:
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    I'll start then

    BattleTag: Nyu#2928

    Will be playing on release date, not picked class yet, casual person and have a headset

    Skype: Sythari
    Region: EU
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    BattleTag: iCFX#2116
    Region: EU (unless I can play on US with EU client too)
    Gamemode: Softcore until 100% Completion then Hardcore to 100%
    Raidcall: ID:4704866 - // (name of Raidcall is Gasuros)
    Class: Barb // Monk

    Can contact me at @

    Steam: H3llion
    BattleLog: H3llion

    Will be most likely playing at release for few hours, take break and then back to playing. Class wise, probably Barb/Monk.
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    BattleTag: RedDeath#1408

    Will be playing as soon as servers are up. Class - Demon Hunter

    If addons are just a crutch for healing, forks are just a crutch for eating spaghetti and real carpenters pound in nails with their foreheads.

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    BattleTag : Binge#2823
    Skype: hard.bass22


    add me on skype to talk before hand
    be playing as soon as severs come on, playing witch doctor, be playing quiet alot for awhile
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    maybe people should state what region they will play on aswell

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    Uk, England
    Getting D3 i have never played any diablo games before but am excited to and happy to group up with some people my BT is Grum#2178
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    BT Superming #1247
    US (west coast server perhaps, anyone know which server names are going to be available?)
    played online games since 1994, going to be playing with friends, perhaps start a clan that's play for fun & cash (RMAH), anyone interested in either option please email highhander at gmail always interested in making new friends in game

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    ac1dburn #1220:

    Will be playing all classes, got a full man team so far, but if I'm not playing with them, I'm game to group at any point. My main will be a monk though first and fore most.

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    EU - live in England, only speak english too, have all forms of Voice Comms
    rushing through to go on Hc as a WD, looking for someone to come along and enjoy the ride will be playing through fairly easily until we can start to pick up speed, im Working Nights Monday/Tuesday so i will only get chance to play about 5-6 hours tomorrow afternoon but then from wednesday afternoon im free as a bird for some real play time
    Skype name: Ponooba

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    Battle Tag: Zod#2999
    Region: EU
    Softcore/Hardcore: Never played Diablo before but hoping to get to grips with it pretty quickly, hoping for some people who just want to have a fun time levelling, I have TS/Vent/Skype and headset/mic. I'm from England and only speak English, looking forward to playing with some of you

    Edit: Forgot to say I plan on playing DH.

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    Doing fkng dailies around pandaland
    BTag: Notwen#1429
    Region: US
    Mode: Softcore

    going with barbarian, to smash every fucking thing i see =D

    Thanks Shy for this great sig !

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    Battle Tag: Nikko1#1902
    Region: US
    Softcore/Hardcore: Softcore

    First timer, ready to play at launch time. I tried the beta as a demon hunter, so that's the role I will chose.

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    Battle Tag: Bartuc#1418
    Region: US
    Softcore/Hardcore: SC until full completion, then HC

    Playing monk, hardcore ladder gamer from D2. Looking for partners to rule sanctuary and a starter edition key until my CE arrives from Amazon tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bartuc View Post
    Battle Tag: Bartuc#1418
    Region: US
    Softcore/Hardcore: SC until full completion, then HC

    Playing monk, hardcore ladder gamer from D2. Looking for partners to rule sanctuary and a starter edition key until my CE arrives from Amazon tomorrow.
    Will you be available at launch time for a couple of hours?
    Tommorow is a school day for me, so I'll not be playing all day, but should be online again late afternoon.

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    Battle Tag: Panda#6832
    Region: US

    Australian time zone

    I have never played diablo before, but have played similar games and I am usually pretty good at most games I play. Will be playing from launch in 40 minutes for quite a few hours tonight. Have the week off as well so plenty of time for gaming this week. I have not decided which class i will play, but it will probably be the monk or wizard atm. Will be playing multiple characters though.

    Feel free to add me on skype if you are keen James.dore5

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    Battle Tag: SpongeBeard#1969
    Region: US
    Softcore/Hardcore: Hardcore

    Throw me an invite, got no one to play with and terrible social skills!

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    Battle Tag: justhonk#1329

    Region: US

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    Battle Tag: Power#1760
    Region: US (Australia)
    Softcore/Hardcore: Softcore.
    PM me for skype/mumble details.
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    Battle Tag: Recc42#1644
    Region: US
    Softcore/Hardcore: Softcore , kind of new to diablo series i played diablo 1 on 2001 when i was 5 years old

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