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    Request to confirm diablo 3 installation size (download version).

    I would like to ask anyone who pre-downloaded Diablo 3 installer about correct file size of downloaded content.
    I had quite a few issues with download, including multiple interrupts in download/errors, so I would like to make sure my installation is complete. I would hate to start installing on 17 PM 14.5 only to find out i have to download 7 gigs again.
    So,size of my downloaded file is:
    7,60 GB (8*162*932*728 b)
    7,60 GB (8*162*967*552 b)(taken on disc).
    Can anyone who knows his installation is complete confirm this size as correct please?

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    My download folder is 7.60 GB exactly.

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    I just finished downloading exactly 7..60GB.

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    Directly 7.60 GB exact OP.

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    7.60 GB for the italian version of diablo 3.

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    I still haven't finished my download , but i'm pretty sure interrupting the downloader won't affect the files

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    my installer file reads:
    size: 8.162.932.728 bytes
    size on disk: 8.162.967.552 bytes.

    looks correct to me.

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    size 7,66 GB ( Bytes)
    size on disk: 7,65 GB (8.223.649.952 Bytes)
    with the new files!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrDlor View Post
    size 7,66 GB ( Bytes)
    size on disk: 7,65 GB (8.223.649.952 Bytes)
    with the new files!
    NEW files ? Newer than the ones you get from the new installer ?!

    There must be something strange about your install, cause I just checked for new files, and nothing was downloaded. My install is EXACTLY the size bit for bit of the OP and others
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