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    Soulburn Fear removed

    With shadowflame being removed from affliction/destro, Howl of Terror/Deathcoil/Shadowfury all made mutually exclusvie in one talent tier and soulburn being stripped from Destro and Demo, I was really counting on affliction having Soulburn fear because it really looked like that was the only way any of these specs would have anywhere close to adequate peels. I just find myself contantly trained while being kept snared and any hard casts easily countered with stuns/silences/interrupts in beta.

    The newest patch takes the cooldown off of soulburn, which soulburn fear would obviously have to be removed from soulburn in that case. However, this is completely the wrong direction for soulburn. Soulburn simply should not be competing with haunt in a resource system. Picking between having gimped dps or gimped utility isn't fun.

    Soulburn should just have a cooldown, have its soulshard cost removed, have soulburn: fear given back, and frankly Demo and Destro still really need to have soulburn as well.

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    Soulburn fear was removed some patches ago sadly.

    But I can see why, between mortal coil, blood fear and SB:fear, it would be too many isntant CC's even if they shared DRs

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    Omg shadowflame was removed for destruction and affliction? Really? How do we do now for more aoe damage? Sad, I can see demonology being OP and a few playing as destruction/affl again...

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