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    [Bio] Scourgelord Lethean Darkfury

    Name: Lethean Sunfury (formerly), Scourgelord Lethean Darkfury (current), also known as "The Pale Rider"

    Age: 163

    Race: High Elf/Quel'dorei (formerly), Blood Elf/Sin'dorei (current)

    Gender: Male

    Class: Ranger (formerly), Paladin (formerly), Death Knight (current)

    Languages: Thalassian, Darnassian, Taur-eh, Orcish, Common

    Factions: The Scourge (remanants of what remains under the Lich King Bolvar Fordragon's command)

    Personality: In life, Lethean was bright and always happy. He was one who deigned to think positive on everything, and was very talkative, making friends everywhere he went. He always welcomed criticism, jokes, and even anger, as it gave him more challenges to conquer and to become better. He thought of everyone as equals, and treated everyone with love, especially when he became a Paladin after the transformation from High Elf to Blood Elf occurred.

    In death, Lethean's personality and attitude towards life and others has changed drastically. He is cold, unforgiving, merciless and cares naught for others. His skills with the bow from life still serve him in death, though he prefers a huge two-handed great sword inscribed with many runes in the Scourge tongue - the same sword he once wielded as a paladin. His faith in the 'Light' is gone, and those powers he once wielded have given way to much darker and no less powerful abilities.

    Likes: Torture, inflicting pain upon others, being amidst the frontlines of a fight, so that he may take first blood

    Dislikes: Anything, everything and everyone, depending on his mood

    Appearance: In life, Lethean stood six feet tall with spiked blond hair and peach skin. He wore bright silver plate trimmed with azure, and wielded a grand great sword that could summon holy fire to aid him in combat against the hordes of the undead.

    In undeath, Lethean's hair has turned black and grown, and he now wears it in a ponytail. The plate he wore is now a dark grey, though his skin has retained much of its peach colour from life, and the azure trimmings of his plate now glow as brightly as his icy blue eyes. His runeblade Shadowfrost is of the same dark shade as his armor, and the runes along its length emit a fierce cyan glow.

    Strengths: He has experimented with alchemy, allowing him to create powerful elixirs and devastating poisons. Lethean is a powerful death knight in general, specialized at summoning and controlling many minions at a time and inflicting diseases that can consume within seconds.

    Weaknesses: Hotheaded, quick to anger, believes he is better than everyone, making him overconfident and arrogant at times. Is susceptible to taunts and very stubborn on being right


    ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^ Will update soon!
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    From a quick look during a coffeebreak, We currently RP in a post-Shattering world, so the (Arthas) Lichking is alraedy dead. Most likely you will handle this in your Bio, just a heads up. Also if he is a "regular" bloodelf his time as a paladin if he was already dead at the Light of Dawn would have been very short. More on that hopefully later

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    I know. That was the point. He only got to experience wielding the Light (which he did masterfully) for a short period of time. Then he was slain and resurrected at Acherus, and later broke free (along with many others) at the battle for Light's Hope. But okay, thank you for the era-confirmation. I was hoping someone would clear that up for me, because I didn't have a clue. XD. )
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