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    [Music] Rate the Top 10

    Look at the top 10 (maybe even for a specific genre) on itunes/billboard/etc. and rate it. You may rate it using whatever system you like. You can make new lists as the top 10 changes. If the ratings are done well and in-depth I will add them to the front page for a while, make sure to put the date and board you are rating. You may rate singles or albums

    Here is an example I did if you want an example

    iTunes Top 10 - Singles
    1.Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye - The song is definitely catchy, and I have bought it since it is quite enjoyable. It has it's nice subtle and light feel to it while staying true to its genre and not selling out to the normal wave of pop music. I will say it does hurt when Walk Off the Earth covers the song better than you originally sang it, however it doesn't hurt the fact that the original is a very well made song, and grammy bait at that. Lyrically also very well written. B+

    2.Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen - This is very typical pop music, and lyrically it is very underwhelming and also some weird cut-offs after number. It is a fun song however, but in every way it is a fairly weak song, yet that doesn't mean it's not better than a lot of stuff in the top 40 these days, but that doesn't say to much. C

    3.Payphone by Maroon 5 (feat. Wiz Kalifa) - The song is catchy, and actually fairly soothing, plus the lyrics are decently written for a top 40 pop song, I just find it funny there really aren't any payphones anymore. The rap section is a little unneeded and takes away from the song in my opinion. But when I hear the song I enjoy it, and it's a very big improvement from previous Adam Levine songs like Moves like Jagger and Stereo Hearts (definitely this one). B+

    4.Boyfriend by Justin Bieber - No i'm not a Justin Bieber hater, I don't think his music is good at all, but I understand why he is in the music industry. I do have to say though this song is worse and is filled more pathetic auto-tune, and there isn't even anything catchy about it (can't say that's a bad thing). It is a very pathetic song however, and it does sadden me this type of music sells, however bad music has always sold. There really isn't anything redeemable about the song in anyway, it attempts to be a hip-hop song, while trying to keep the innocent, while also trying to make Bieber sound like he has a masculine voice, and also trying to appeal to the pop genre. This will be added to my immediate change the station list if I ever hear it. F

    5.We Are Young by Fun. (feat. Janelle Monae) - It is a very well written pop/alternative anthem and I enjoy it when it plays on the radio, maybe even more than Somebody That I Used to Know. If you haven't heard it go listen to it, not much to really criticize it with, it's not spectacular or anything however. A-

    6.Wild Ones by Flo Rida (feat. Sia) - The singing section is decent, the rap section is complete meh and nothing memorable about it. If it were just the singing I wouldn't mind the song much, but this is another song where the rap section pulls the song down. I mean it would only be good/decent without the rap section so it's not like I am missing out on a spectacular song or anything. D+

    7.What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction - Am I the only who thinks (or at least thought) the song was decently ok until it started getting over hyped like the second coming of the Beatles by tweens. That alone makes me dislike the song now, but I have to be fair and say it isn't horrible, or even unlistenable like some popstars only famous because the tweens love their looks (but after hearing this parody I do laugh at different parts of the song). C-

    8.Dance Again by Jennifer Lopez (feat. Pitbull) - As soon as I saw Pitbull I knew I was in for my usual displeasure from his annoying 'rapping' and Jennifer Lopez doesn't make any more promising. But after listening I realized it's the exact same crap that usually is by (or features) Pitbull, so it gets my automatic rating of. F

    9.Turn to you [Mother's Day Dedication] by Justin Bieber - Omg a mother's day dedication how sweet! Not. And the you can't even understand what the song is saying because it is coated with extra reverb and auto-tune just how momma likes it, I mean the tweens like it. I should just start giving any artist with the name of Pitbull, Justin Bieber, LMFAO, etc. an automatic. F...But since I love my mom and I don't want to sound anti-mother or anything I will give it a gracious. D-

    10.Starships by Nicki Minaj - Just another singer/rapper that can't sing trying to sing an anthem then adding a lot of electronic beats to it. Seriously i'm tired of these types of songs after being 'treated' to by the awful Party Rock Anthem for a good straight year. Not as bad as some of the songs on the list, but that's not saying much. D
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    Fun Idea, I want to do this but it will take some time for me to listen to 10 songs. I'll post some ratings later

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    Ok, doing this with iTunes home page Top 10

    1.Gotye - Somebody That I used to know : 8/10
    I really like how the singer sounds like Sting from The Police during the hook part, but the song is quite boring for the majority of the song

    2.Carly Rae Jepsen - Call me Maybe : 5/10
    I don't like it, I don't hate it, it's just a mediocre pop song in my opinion

    3.Maroon 5 - Payphone : 8/10
    Pretty enjoyable & catchy pop rock song, Maroon 5 is always pretty good

    4.Justin Bieber - Boyfriend : 10/10
    For what it is, (a R&B/pop song sung by a teenage guy...) it's fantastic. You honestly can't really get any better in this genre. I usually hate R&B but I do enjoy this song. Alot even. I'm not gonna lie to try to prove a point like all the haters do.

    5.Fun - We Are Young : 7/10
    A decent, fairly catchy Queen-ripoff. Not bad

    6.Flo Rida - Wild Ones : 6/10
    All the parts where Flo Ridas mouth is open pretty much f*cking suck. The womans singing is the redeeming quality.

    7.One Direction - What makes you beautiful : 10/10
    Again, for what it is. (A pop boyband song.) This is as good as it gets. It's catchy as all hell. I can see why millions of girls are obsessed. If every single song on their album was as good as this one,(unfortunately they aren't) I'd buy it.. and I'm a grown straight man... Keepin it real.

    8.Jennifer Lopez - Dance Again : 4/10
    This song is kind of annoying imo...

    9.Justin Bieber - Turn to you : 6/10
    This is kind of boring honestly, but the sentiment of the lyrics is nice

    10.Nicki Minaj - Starships : 4/10
    This song is fairly annoying honestly... I cannot understand this fruit loop of a womans popularity honestly

    Wellp, there you go
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    1.Gotye - Somebody That I used to know : 8/10
    Everyone’s favorite song. Quoted for truth. It was mine too. Then there went on 2 weeks, it grew from independent and fantastic to mainstream and plastic, a thousand covers popped up, it is still number one (?!), and I am sick and tired of it. But I have to grade it well, because, despite my hate now, it certainly was a brilliant song.

    2.Carly Rae Jepsen - Call me Maybe : 5/10
    Your average mainstream-pop song right here.

    3.Maroon 5 - Payphone : 7/10
    Maroon 5 are always making enjoyable music, but there is something about the song (and the collaboration), that I don’t quite approve. Nevertheless, it is not bad.

    4.Justin Bieber - Boyfriend : 6/10
    Yeah, I’m not a fan of Justin Bieber, but I like some of his music. This is in the middle of the whole mess. While not being good, it is neither bad. Actually, while I don’t understand the overly fanboy/girl-ism around the B-boy, I can simply not understand the hate.

    5.Fun - We Are Young : 9/10
    Not-clicheed-at-all vocals that actually sound fairly satisfying, and a good set of lyrics on the board, We Are Young is a quality-song, and I would gladly approve.

    6.Flo Rida - Wild Ones : 6/10
    Sia the savior. She is the track, Flo Rida is there for the name. Try listen to Basto’s remix of this track, it is damn good.

    7.One Direction - What makes you beautiful : 7/10
    A catchy teen-boyband song that make the teen girls wet. What a nice thing. Not. They are not utterly good, but the lyrics are, despite sometimes terrible clicheed vocals, well written.

    8.Jennifer Lopez - Dance Again : 2/10
    Yet another annoying wannabe-dance-icon song, with the vocals of wannabe-Beyonce J-Lo and wannabe-rapper Pitbull, still talentless.

    9.Justin Bieber - Turn to you : 6/10
    Justin Bieber is more talented than a lot of modern day artists, but he is, nevertheless, not worthy of his attention, and I suspect that he hasn’t tried to write lyrics himself, ever.

    10.Nicki Minaj - Starships : 3/10
    I can’t stand her, really. And the same with almost every other rapper or wannabe-rapper who get such attention. The music industry is flat-out ridiculous, and the world community too. It’s the mindless tweens. FUCK. Yes, I’m angry, because, look at the top 10, think about it.

    After all, I am glad so many people have bad music taste (don’t flame me, I can only express my opinion by this). Good thing that Bon Iver, Oliver Tank and When Saints Go Machine are less known, the world would be a worse place with the good guys in the front :P

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    ^I think that's pretty awesome to see someone else who is level headed and giving fair ratings to Biebs and 1D

    I'm not a fan of either, but it gets on my nerves when people constantly act like they are the worst thing ever

    I also like how you share my hatred of the J-Lo & Nicki Minaj songs In general all your ratings and opinions nearly mirrored my own, so that's cool

    Nice avatar BTW! Big Bang Theory FTW!

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    1. Gtoye - 5/10 - It's okay, but there's so many better songs and albums out in that particular vein of music.

    2.Carly Rae Jepsen - 3/10 - pretty soul-less.

    3.Maroon 5 - 3/10 - It's preferable to turning the radio off when there's nothing else to listen to and one is driving.

    4.Justin Bieber - 3/10 - It is what it is.

    5.Fun - 6/10 - First song on this list that's actually trying something new-ish. Execution is pretty bad, but it's still sort of an interesting listen.

    6.Flo Rida - 3/10 - Nope. As a fan of mostly non-mainstream Hip-Hop, I can't say this would convince me to listen to more mainstream stuff.

    7.One Direction - 3/10 - Maybe if I was 8 years younger I might think it's better. Might.

    8.Jennifer Lopez - 2/10 - I can't understand why people like Pitbull. He just sounds like that giant douchebag that nobody likes at parties.

    9.Justin Bieber - 3/10 - It is what it is (again).

    10.Nicki Minaj - 1/10 - It's funny, because on the Kanye West song Monster where she was featured, she was perfect. Had a nasty attitude, actually rapped about something coherent, and had solid production to back her (even if the song itself was one of the weaker ones off that album). If it hadn't been for that album, she would never be as popular as she is now. This is how she repays Kayne for giving her fame? Fuck.

    Average score: 3.2/10.

    Yup, still happily listening to (mostly) albums without huge album sales.

    Also, because I haven't posted it yet (on these forums):


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    1.) Gotye - Somebody That I Used to Know : 9/10
    Absolutely and completely obsessed with this song, I catch myself singing it all the time.

    2.) Carly Rae Jespen - Call Me Maybe : 7/10
    Fun and catchy song, what more could you want?

    3.) Maroon 5 - Payphone : 7/10
    Not a huge fan of Wiz, but I do love Maroon 5 and their part of this song

    4.) Fun - We are Young : 8/10
    Great song

    5.) Flo Rida - Wild Ones: 6/10
    Again, love the singing part (Sia), not a huge fan of the rap part

    6.) Justin Bieber - Boyfriend : 3/10
    The beginning of the song is so odd, do not like. Bieber should not be doing R&B either.

    7.) One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful : 7/10
    Great meaning of the song with a catchy melody and lyrics. Love it

    8.) Jennifer Lopez - Dance Again : 4/10
    Didn't like their other collaboration, and don't like this one either.

    9.) Nicki Minaj - Starships : 9/10
    Haters gonna hate. Love this song, it is fun and catchy and has a great beat.

    10.) Train - Drive By : 8/10
    Love to sing along to this song when it comes on the radio

    Since we are talking top 40 here, my (other) favorites right now are
    Where Have you Been - Rihanna
    Brokenhearted - Karmin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badpaladin View Post

    Could argue that the fact she was nominated for a Grammy at all is Humanity - - lol

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    I think I’ll take my top 10 from the current UK top 40. Thank god its only 10, I had to listen to these before I had to review them so for the most part it was hard for me and took an hour. if I had to do the full top 40 my ears would have bled.

    Anywho, here we go…

    UK Top 40
    The Current Top 10

    10. Jessie J - Laser light (featuring Guetta)
    A lot of people don’t like Jessie J, I don’t really mind her, she has a good voice sounds a bit too much like Katy Perry at times though, most of the time I cant tell them apart. As for this song, yea its your normal pop song with beats and your token MC/DJ in Davis Guetta added in for good measure, pretty much what the charts are full with right now. She does write her own stuff too which is a bonus in my book and she isn’t some manufactured girl to the masses either. Maybe what she produces isn’t original either but it’s a hell of a lot better than some stuff out there. 6/10

    9. Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra)
    Have you seen how many views this has on Youtube? Wow! Anyway to the review, I actually owned their album when it first came out and didn’t think this song would be that much of a hit. The album is pretty basic, nothing special but I do LOVE this song. Once again its nothing special your basic break up song with very easy on the ears type listening. Not really much I can say about this song really, its kinda been played to death though but as I dont really listen to the radio much I don’t tend to notice. The lead singer does have a good voice too, and its good they don’t result to getting in rappers or DJ’s to try and make themselves sound hip like many artists are doing, they are a simple rock band doing simple songs… simple. 8/10

    8. Rihanna - Where Have You Been?
    Remember that late 90’s Euro-club mix that was pretty much all over the place at one point? Yea, when did that make a come back, it seems mainstream artists are trying to find that sound and implement it into their songs and Rihanna is the biggest culpret of this, over the last year and a half her music has been sounding more and more dated. This isn’t so much music but an experiment gone wrong, I can understand she’s trying this but damn at least make it work, just slamming in auto-tunes with heavy buzzing beats and simplistic lyrics don’t make a song, it’s a mess. I really cannot see the appeal in this and yet people keep thinking she’s this big thing. And maybe she was at one point but she’s churning out music like butter and its all pretty dead to me. 3/10

    7. Far East Movement - Live My Life (feat. Justin Bieber)
    If this music was a terminal illness and I had to listen tot his all day I say give me another terminal illness just so I can die faster. This is awful. Its actually the first time I have listened to this. Justin Bieber really isn’t in this song its more about Far East Movement and their very dull sound trying to remix his song, which is more bland as Bieber. Its basically club music and not the cool type of club music we’re talking about the awful cheap clubs people go to because they are young and think its cool to play this trash. Why people like this I don’t know but I think I answered that earlier. As long as I don’t listen to this stuff again I am happy. Thres just nothing in this, I could produce better by recording the cats in my alley 2/10

    6. Train - Drive By
    I am not a big fan of Train, but I do own their Drops of Jupiter album and the stand alone song is still their best in my opinion. This song is okay I guess, but I don’t understand the whole reggae/rnb sound the lead singers trying to give off, it doesn’t work and makes him look like he’s trying too hard. Lyrically it sounds pretty bland too and at times weird. Cant remember when someone in our current era used the word groovy. Nothing special about this song and is quite hard to listen to at times but most of the time its just boring 4/10

    5. fun. - We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monae)
    I have heard this song a lot lately but didn’t know or couldn’t be bothered to know who sung it. Now I know has that changed anything? No! I admit I though I didn’t put the artist to the song, the song is pretty okay got that epic sounding to it an will probably be featured everywhere, TV shows, Movies, adverts and on the radio a lot. Its gives a nice feeling of nostalgia and is probably going to be one of those songs that will make you remember the year it came out. Not my cup of tea to be honest but one of those songs I wouldn’t mind if it came on the radio. 6/10

    4. Alex Clare - Too Close
    When this came on my eyes widened. At last something a little different. It still isn’t great but it does have some good sounds and the Clare has a good strong voice. I was kind of bobbing along to it. There are some points that bring a downer to the song and isn’t something I’d own but at least it’s a little better. It does suffer slightly from that trying to mix pop with dance and this for once does actually pull it off. Once again not something I’d own but still I wouldn’t change the station if this came on the air 6/10

    3. Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe
    Yay! Nothing like some squeaky clean pop to get you in the mood for smacking your face against a wall of nails. Its catchy, lyrically hair pulling and annoying in so many ways. But credit its not trying to be something its not. Its typical current pop sounding even poppier. A girl wants a ripped guy she gives him his number and hope she calls him, that’s pretty much all you need to know about the song, seriously theres nothing else to hear, its pretty much rinse and repeat from that point on. Then again what you expect from this sort of music, Probably aimed at the younger kids and mostly girls too which is probably why it makes me kind of ill listening to it. 5/10

    2. Tulisa - Young
    Or as I like to call her “that girl from N-Dubz”. Yea this song is just your typical songs of whats around now, lets have fun we’re young. Enjoy your life whoop whee, why do artists want to tell us what a good time they are having when everyone else is struggling to make ends meat in this time and era I don’t know. Her voice is just average, the song is just average and same old and the music is just “I have heard this one hundred times already” Still I think she’s a beautiful girl but she should stay away from music. 3/10

    1. Rita Ora - R.I.P (feat. Tinie Tempah)
    This is so not my type of music too much of this generic rap over a pop verse and I cannot stand it as this type of stuff is being churned out every week, maybe its just another musical fad where every so often a certain type of music is played until someone breaks the mold so they can churn that out as well. But to me this song has not much going for it, I cant really get into the song, the music sounds like its dying, or transforming I cant tell and its just bathroom break written lyrics 3/10

    My god finally that’s an hour worth spent, I gotta take some headache tablets after this, seriously this was painful. But overlal I enjoyed in the sense that Iw anted to put an actual review together by actually sitting back and listening to the songs.

    Nice topic maybe I’ll do another when I have time.

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    iTunes Top 10: all 0/10.

    Gotye's Somebody That I Used to Know is the song everyone likes because they think it's obscure and the alternative to mainstream pop. I guess recipe for success is to sound like Peter Gabriel or Nick Cave.

    Minaj has horrible beats, even worse lyricism, and is pretty much completely irredeemable.

    Lopez needs to stop. Please.

    Bad summed up Bieber pretty much: he is what he is. And that's shit.

    Basically, everything in the iTune top ten is boring, shit, or without a single good idea.

    Only being slightly hyperbolic.

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    Iron Maiden
    System of a down
    poets of the fall
    Linkin Park
    Sick Puppies

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