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    Diablo 3 Live Stream List

    Thread no longer being updated as game has been released. Please continue to post your streams.

    GamerLCD -
    Kripparrian -
    Irix -
    Aloper -
    Luciferael -
    BigFoot -

    Kur1 -
    Nathonas -

    Ganadorie -
    Antic -
    Lirik -
    Kaoswm - /live_video/kaoswm/ (xFire)
    PlateauGaming -

    Nowherz - (French)
    Affiniti -
    Stoker -
    Quiks -
    NerfGaming -

    Muxx -
    Avel -
    Pulch -
    Devypoo -
    GamersDychri -
    Sinnical -
    Aloper60 -

    *List is no longer be updated as the game is now LIVE* Please feel free to continue to post your streams though.

    Mod Edit: I will leave this open for now but please do not use this thread to advertise. You can post your stream in this thread once, do not bump it or keep adding it, and please D3 streams only. Any new threads created about streams will be closed as per our advertising rules.
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    Streaming in HQ for 24h from the release of Diablo 3. Will be playing Monk.

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    Honestly this is a waste of time personally, its just like the kripparian vs athene crap. Who cares? I will be playing the game and having fun rather than watching some useless stream of someone else playing the game. As for the krip vs athene crap, I don't know or care about either one. I won't care about world first idiots either.

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    Kripparrian will be livestreaming Barb pov hardcore
    Quote Originally Posted by Sykol View Post
    It would appear the world is retardeding at a pace much more rapid than previously anticipated.

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    hate that my internet have 50kbps upload, can't stream :[

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    A friend of mine will be streaming in FRENCH, playing Witch Doctor in a 4 players group (all classes but Monk) at launch, for all night long. +Skype. if you wish to take a look.
    Always mad.

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    7 Year Warcraft Veterans Moving on into Diablo 3.

    Starting May 15th 12:01 AM PST, Full Level 1-60 Non-Stop Inferno Push, Featuring Four 10 year Diablo 1,2,LOD Experienced Players.

    Head over to and start following us for constant Diablo 3 updates.

    Fun, laid back experience, come join in the non-stop carnage as we slash & cast our way through Inferno!

    -First Push POV- Monk
    -Second Push POV- Wizard

    More to Come

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    Will be co-op streaming Diablo 3 as soon as servers open. Playing all night and until we simply cannot play any longer.

    Will be playing: (just put the link under Monk)
    Wizard or WD

    Should be fun. Come join in. This is also to help promote my soon to launch website.
    2AM Central Time

    Appreciate the creation of this thread by the way!
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    just saying...

    Whats the point? We'll all be playing xD

    But yeh, I might stream some - Wizard
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    Indeed, whats the point? People will be playing themselves lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crushima View Post
    Indeed, whats the point? People will be playing themselves lol
    That's how I feel about it too but there will be a select few out there that can't get the game right away. Dunno why they'd want their first playthrough spoiled, but you know...whatever.

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    1080p stream for Demon Hunter at , starting on launch day! Airing Oceanic hours (= late-night/early-morning America, lunchtime Europe).

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    Main list updated

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    I will be streaming Demon Hunter in 720p as soon as servers are up

    Diablo 3 is going to be awesome have fun everyone

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    For anyone interested in a stream that is up every day (16 hours a day is his goal), I recommend watching Kripparrian's stream.
    Those who don't know him yet, he is going for world first inferno clear (4 player co op) And he is serious about it,
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    Group of bouses streaming Diablo 3 rush to Inferno with entertaining commentating and emphasis on important things you should notice in higher difficulties. Providing knowledge and information.

    Wizard POV

    Group consisting of Barb, Monk and WD as well


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    Doing fkng dailies around pandaland
    kongor is going to do a 48h + stream ! starting @ release

    Thanks Shy for this great sig !

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