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    Name: Avell
    Info: Old successful stream (, world top Azmodan and Diablo inferno kills) is coming back with a new channel and project name. We're going to play a lot, strive to become the best crusader stream there is,
    helping out fellow viewers in the meantime as well (item choices, some boosting, group farming) We're gonna try to forge a strong community that will hang out and play together on a daily basis, so if you feel like being part in this follow us and hang out while you're playing yourself! Kudos guys, and let dem many legendaries drop for you upon release!

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    Name: Dingolicious
    Stuff: Fairly new streamer. I intend to go Crusader as soon as RoS is live and hit up adventure mode/nephalem rifts (SPOILER FREE STREAM!). If you're not sure if you want to buy it and these features interest you, feel free to tune in and watch. Alternatively, if the servers die I'll be talking about error 37 and what it means for you, me, and Diablo.

    Also, music! Might even take requests if there are any. Probably even be some Sandstorm at some point! - Various games streamed from time to time!

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    Streams up all night for RoS launch , top wiz US streaming fast clear and grinding

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    New at Twitch, streaming some Crusader action while on D3 and playing Trance Music, if you like to come in and have a chat I'd appreciated it.

    My DeviantART: | Requests: Closed

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    1.3M DPS Wizard farming torment 2+ very easily

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    800k DPS DH, Torment 2

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    Name: HG Ponyboy
    Info: Check out the Homicidal Gaming SESSIONS - Come chill out, discuss class and game mechanics, have a drink, listen to a good Dubstep with Homicidal Gaming.

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    The Lightbringer Romire's Avatar
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    Central Queensland
    Name: Romire
    Info: Streaming away for Fun and LOLs
    Australian Oceanic Multi Class Veteran of the Burning Crusade Wars!
    Twitter: @RomireVids
    Youtube: RomireVids
    Twitchy: My Twitch

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    You guys should come check on my new stream. Great Giveaways and I always have viewer activities. I always put my viewers first. love playing with them all.
    Come party with me, come check out the viewer song recommendations.
    I have a currency system that collects the longer you are in stream. Will be using this for Raffles and giveaways!
    250 follows and Ill have a Big Giveaway!

    Thanks guys


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    Hello there, fellow gamers! I've started streaming and are posting my stream several places in hope of some support.

    I mostly play a softcore Demon Hunter (
    Where I use Marauder set for the all companions bonus (4 set items) and the Cloak of the Garwulf. So if you like pets, come look at my zoo! x)

    I recently died on my harcore Wizard, so you might se me level up a new one aswell!

    Other than that I am playing other classes from time to time, and play alot with friends. I do also play with viewers if requested!

    Other games will also be played

    Would be nice if you jumped in and stayed a while!


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    I'm new to streaming, however, that shouldn't affect my ability to play the game . I'll be starting my intro into streaming on my Wand of Woh wizard doing torment 6 rifts and bounties (I know another WoW wiz right?!?), and will definitely play different builds at some point in the future. I haven't decided yet if I'll be branching out into other classes but it's always a possibility, but for now, come watch me teleport fail my way around t6!

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    Hey guys, come check out my new stream, playing my Rank 23 EU Season Barbarian doing T6 bounties, rifts, viewer runs and gear checks!

    Schedule: Monday-Wednesday 19.00-23.00 CET


    Come and give me your best copy pastarino dongerino in the chat!

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    Playing DMO wizard this season solo pushing GR's. Check twitter for stream times. I'll be playing tonight around 6pm PST, maybe sooner.


    Giveaways every stream.

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